Label: Time Has Changed
Genre: House, Deep House,
Release Date: Nov 26 2012


1 Lee Webster - Late Last Night
2 Lee Webster - Late Last Night - Bubba & T-Bone Ghetto Style Remix
3 Lee Webster - Sick Of The Same Thing
4 Lee Webster - Sick Of The Same Thing - Jef K Remix
5 Lee Webster - Bring The Dildo
Beatport: http://www.beatport.com/search?query=Time_Has_Changed

Release Info:

For this new release, Time Has Changed start a new series, called « Deep Sessions », where the french label run by Timid Boy & Acumen go back to his roots, a deep house music, melodic, classic in the soul and modern in the rhythms.
Our English mate (who lives in Barcelona) Lee Webster start this new series with a strong deep house EP.
« Late Last Night » is heavy, sexy with a funky crazy voice and some perfect p-funk synthesizers. Remixed by Bubba and T-Bone, the track become more dark, slow and hypnotic.
« Sick of the Same Thing » goes on a delicate mix between Chicago house and P-Funk elements, with a dubby and dreamy direction. Remixed by french house hero Jef K, the track goes on a crazy dancefloor way, full of energy and subtle groove and changes in the edit. The clubs will like it !
“Bring The Dildo” conclude this EP with a perfect deep house, an excited mix between deep elements and heavy groove.

Next on Time Has Changed & THC DEEp Sessions : Barem, Alex Kid, Timid Boy, Miguel Lobo, Danny Serrano, Hollen, Jamie Funk, Molly, Louca, Remi de Montsabert & more… Stay Tuned ! www.facebook.com/timehaschangedrec


What They say


C-Rock (Cocoon / motorcitysoul / stir15) very cool release, big big hugs n shouts to Jeffy Jef!

Acumen (Time Has Changed / Viva / Area Remote) yeah !

Tony Dee (Kling Klong/Suara) great job, support

Hermanez (AellaMusic) cool stuff, tnx guys

axel bartsch (sportclub) og is warm and cozy

Patrick Bateman (Tic tac Toe) deep cool release,will play for sure at Red Box

Oscar Aguilera (elRow, Monegros, Florida 135, Travelling Soul, Lapsus Music) Nice deep sounds. i will try out. Thanks

Los Suruba (Get Physical / Suruba / Noir Music) Nice!!! Cool package, loving « Late last night » original

Ross Evana Very good EP! Bubba and T Bone the one for me

Severino Panzetta Pretty cool release .I like the old skool vibe

Simon Baker (2020 Vision UK) Like the sound of this EP. Bubba T bone and Jef K standing out for me so far.

F.E.X cool Jef K rmx

Noir (Noir Music) COOL RELEASE! Nice Timberlake action ;)

Samuel Dan (Sincopat, Upon You, Dirtybird) cool tracks! will be playing some of these. thx!

Sami Wentz| Saimont (Defected/ Noir Music/ Plastic City) Interesting release, i like it ;)

Andre Buljat (4line, indigo raw, time has changed) nice one ep by lee webster. will play this.

Miguel Lobo (Cecille / 8bit) Sick of the same thing is dope track

Nico Lahs (Ovum/Poker Flat) good ep! thx.

Florian Meindl Jef K did a good job

Carlo Lio jef k rmx is cool

Hollen (Prospect – Saved – Bitten – Kling Klong) Nice EP – Jef K Remix for me – Thanks!

Wally Lopez (Factoria records) nice release..will play

Elio Muñoz (DocePulgadas Radio Show) Interesting release.!

Ewan Pearson (Soma) Late Last Night in both its versions are the ones for me. thanks!

Nicolas Masseyeff (Herzblut/Plantage13) Nice release !!!

Nathan Barato (Roots And Wings Music) Great e thanks friends

Ekkohaus (Ekkohaus) Bring the dildo forn sure, thanx…Ekko

Miss Jools (Mobilee) Bring the Dildo

Benna (Harry Klein) nice ep, bring the dildo is my fav i guess

Kev OBrien (Stranjjur/ Fresh Meat / Brown Eyed Boyz) Yo L Dubs. I think its time to break out the fuckin dildo. oh o oh oho oh…dildo dildo dildo…bring the dildo. tstststsstststtststsss. nice one

Daniel Sanchez (Bla Bla records, Be Real, Plus8) super ep ! support and thaxxx

Jorge Savoretti (Savor Music / Esperanza) bring the dildo is nice!

Sebastian Oscilla (Amnesia Ibiza) Another quaility stuff from Time Has Changed!absolutely lovely package!Wicked remix from Bubba& T-Bone!Thank You!.

Sasch BBC (8Bit, Brise, Plastic City) super package! thank you

De:Bug (De:Bug) considering for review

Darlyn Vlys (Area Remote/ Suara /Rawthentic) Great series! Jef k remix is sick!! Support

hugo (Systematic) bubba/t.bone&jeffk rmxs for me

UGLH (Marco Duranti) Really nice ep. Bubba & T-Bone rmx my fav. Thanks

clement aswefall (colette shop in paris) hello guys Jef ‘s remix is the one for me. Nice vibes and happy day to you around

Tom Budden (ALiVE) Bubba & T-Bone Remix for me!!

S.M.A.L.L (District Raw) great remix from my mate jef k,full sppoort !

Gel Abril (Be As One Ovum) jef k mix is nice tnx!

Gregor Tresher (Break New Soil) Cool Bubba & T-Bone & Jef K mixes!

grego g / CONCRETE PARTY PARIS great ep,great vibes,big like.thanx

Javier Orduna (Pong Musiq, Amam,Cuatro Records, ) Jef K Remix and Bring the Dildo (Original) are the one for me! :) Nice new Series Timid Boy!!

Maurice Aymard (Galaktika) full support from Barcelona, will chart…

Marcman (Oslo,Bass Culture,Esperanza,Drumma,Savor Music) jef k’s remix is super nice ! thanks , M

Christian Hawk (High Definition Records) Will try ot same of the same thing and bring the dildo! Thx

Ariel Rodz Nice Tracks !

Vincent Naivin (Artist/dj et Programmer) Great!!! Jeff K remix i play it!!!

Nathan Burns (Microzoo Records) Good stuff « Late Last Night » is my pick thanks!

Niki Belucci (Radio FG) great release, supporting

Martin Aquino (Resopal Schallware, Time Has Changed, Greelpound, Maya) Jef K here!!

Sven Jaeger nice ep thanxx

Julien Sandre (Tsuba/One Records) Jef K remix is fantastic! Love whole release

She She (http://www.crazyjack.fr/) Nice Ep ! Jef k ++

matoswk Sounds really good, thanks!

Ibiza Voice (Ibiza Voice) review confirmed

Juan Zolbaran (time has changed -little helpers) jeff k is the one for me !!!!

Adriano Filippucci (Highgrade,Monique,Time Has changed,Musik Gewinnt Freunde,Einmale) fulll support from me thank u

Arno Gonzalez (Timid – Missive) Late Last Night original & remix and Sick of the same thing Jef K remix are for me ! Great Package anyway, Thanks a lot for the music !!!!

peterpanik Jef k’s remix indeed ! support

Catastrophic (A&R @ Tunnel FM) Great package, some of them will be supported for sure ;) Thanks

Groovesh (Delicious Recordings) Good one, thanks a ton!

k_ribu (motel1989) Merci ! top late last night de Lee et le remix de Jef K est vraiment bon ! ça va groover sévère !

adrian escobar (radio) jef k remix my fav,but all ep is nice,this new series look very nice,thanks

Francys (Composite/Soulfooled/Resopal) nice one jef k for me ;)