Artist: Chris Carrier 
Title: 	Love Bug EP
Label: 	Holic Trax
Release: 1st October 2012
Cat No: HT003

1. Love Bug
2. Love Bug (Kate Simko remix)
3. Love Bug (T2 Dub) [vinyl only]
4. Au Troquet du Coin [digital only]

The Holic Trax label returns with its third release, this time featuring Parisian production heavyweight

Chris Carrier backed with a remix from Kate Simko…


The Holic name has been associated with quality parties, both in London and Tokyo, for over five years now, but it was only at the beginning of 2012 that boss Tomoki Tamura decided to put the Holic Trax label together. Not surprisingly with the contacts at his disposal he has put together an enviable roll call of recordings artists for this fledgling imprint. The first two releases came from Mr G and Tuccillo and have seen support from the likes of Paul Woolford, Matt Edwards, Huxley, Efdemin and Clive Henry to name just a few.


Now Holic Trax has joined forces with highly respected  DJ/producer  Chris Carrier for their latest record, a record  that  will be released  once  again  as a limited  10” colour  vinyl  single.  Parisian  Carrier  has  been  a mainstay of electronic music for the last decade, releasing under a host of pseudonyms for labels such as Get Physical,  Robsoul,  Brique  Rouge  & Freak  n Chic.  On  top  of that  he has  been  behind  a string  of highly successful labels, including the outstanding Adult Only imprint.


For this latest release  Carrier offers up some solid percussive  house with a title taken from a late Sixties Disney movie. ‘Love Bug’ is a stripped  back and raw slice of house music that marries  rolling drums with subtle melodic elements and chopped vocal edits to superb effect and is a testament once again to the skills of this producer.  The original is complimented  with a remix from Leftroom  lady Kate Simko who twists the original into a delightful bass driven, skipping deep house affair. To complete the ‘Love Bug’ variations, label boss  Tomoki  offers  up his  ‘T2  dub’,  a version  that  is aimed  squarely  at the  dancefloor  and  will  only  be available on the vinyl release. Last but not least, Carrier provides the digital exclusive ‘Au Troquet du Coin’ which journey into sparse techno inspired territory, powerful stuff.


Another winner from the label that just keeps getting better and a producer who always delivers the goods…



They Like it

(:terry:) / COOL EP
Alex Arnout / The Kate Simko remix for me here.
Alex Neri / love bug original is dope!
Anthony Collins / love bug is great and kate remix is super cool also
Audiofly /liking the original :)
Brothers’ Vibe / NICE!!
Carlo Lio / very cool.. feelin this
Claudio Coccoluto / Kate!!! rocks
Cozzy D / kate simko remix grooves nicely
D’Julz / more superb beats from chris . bravo!
Dan Beaumont / best new label !!! absolutely love this as i do all the holic releases… h.o.u.s.e.!
Danny Howells / Bomb release .. fab originals and superb mixes, gonna get stuck into this. Cheers!
Death on The Balcony / kate simkos mix does it for us!
Delano Smith / great release!
Demi  / love the original love bug
Diesel (Xpress 2) / Great ep!!
DJ Sneak / super good ep.
DJ T / will download. thank you for good music!
Droog / Quality deepness here, but will work on the dance floor too, of course. Especially the T2 dub
Dzeta & Basile / Love Bug Original Kate Simko rmx definitely work for us! Thx
Ed Davenport / T2 dub is hot and ‘…du Coin’ is a solid tooler. Thanks
Emerson Todd / Both Org’s are bang on for me.. love em
Eric Borgo / love every single track on this ep will play !!! Raw, funky and straight to the point loving it !
Franck Roger / love bug for me thxx
Francois  Kevorkian / Nice package, I probably will play either the Kate Simko mix or the original. The last track with a hint of acid is pretty nice as well…
Funk D Void / Soma big sounding bass on the Kate Simko remix
Gruber & Nurnberg / my fav is the Kate Simko RMX… like the melody in this version! Thanks
Halo Varga / KATE SIMKO all the way….
Ilario Alicante / I like this EP- Thanks
James Fox /cracking EP, all tracks have a nice blend of grit and hypnotic-ness. will play!
James Johnston / Really feeling Love Bug and the T2 Dub…NICE!!
James Teej / diggin the kate sikco rmx though
Jay Tripwire / Kate really drops a deep druggy tracky mix I like it more than a I like modern Hamster puppetry. Au Troquet du Coin is good mixing stuff, play about 30 second of it alone and just layer it with other records.
Jet Project / Kate Simko remix & Au Troquet Du Coin both ace.
John Osborn / Miss Simko showing us how it’s done! tight.
Jonny Cade / Some cool tunes, T2 dub mix for me
Jonny Cruz / this is top notch./will play!
Jorge Savoretti / great tracks! exactly what i’m lookin’ for
Julien Sandre / Holic Trax is releasing super artist! ever ep is magical and Love Bug Ep is another masterpiece! Only great music from monsieur Carrier
Kasper / Lovin this Holic as i did with the other two. You guys are doing such an amazing job!!! Love bug is the bomb, will play and chart!!!
Luciano / thanks!
MANDY / will download. thank you for good music!
Meat / Holic’s 3rd bomb!!!
Melon  / au troquet is the one
Molly  / Very good work, not a surprise from Chris carrier ! i also really like Kate Simko remix
Moodtrap / Loving the deepness of Kate Simko rmx. Support from us ;o)
Moodymanc / nice vibe…orig love bug was the grabber on 1st listen but on the dl to check further
Mosca / T2 dub and Au Troquet Du Coin for me
Motorcitysou / kate’s remix is coooool.l
Murray Richardson / xlent stuff – lo0ve the original – holic trax rox!
Nikko Gibler / Really diggin’ Kate’s remix! Always so groovy! Killer. “Au Troquet du Coin” is also a solid, bangin, driven beat. Thx.
Okain / Love bug original and Kate simko remix straight in the bag!
Oliver Deutschmann / cool EP, Love the originals the most. Thanks
Oxia / Nice EP, I’ll play it !
Pablo  / excellent. tough. really loving kates remix.
Paul Loraine / Kate Simko remix is dope
Raymundo Rodriguez / Quality package.
Robbie Akbal / great release,, my favorites were Love Bug & Kate´s rmx and the last track Au Troquet du coin! full support
Robert Dietz / great tracks in here! Thanks
Rocky (Xpress 2) / All good from Holic. ATDC is my fave I think. Love the simple groove!
Sam Russo / The originals are great! Loving Kate’s remix too :D
Sascha Dive / like Au Troquet du Coin
Scott Lewis / Love the Kate Simko Remix. Great organ stabs. Real shifty, twitchy vibe. Excellent.
Slok / House / Tech Grooves at the top, first listening I think I will play the Kate Simko Remix, thanks for the great music, SLOK
Subb-An / thanks
Tim Green / sweet original mix here! Kate Simko mix sick too!
Trickski / Kate’s remix is really cool!
Willie Graf / Great tracks from Mr. Carrier! Especially feeling the flow of “Au Troquet du Coin”.another killer from Holic Trax.Thank you! W