Monsieur Georget – Jour de Fête (EP) 

  • Label : Hold YouthHY009-FB_Fit
  • Artist : Monsieur Georget
  • Title : Jour de Fête (EP)
  • Cat. : HY09
  • Release Vinyl : October
  • Release Digital : NO
  • Tracklist :
    A1     Jour de fête
    A2     Poil de renard
    B1     6ème étape
    B2     Poil de renard (103 mix)

A 4-track package traversing house and techno. First up Jour de Fete, a reference to the black and white 1940’s French comedy – perhaps a clue to Mr Georget… One thing’s for sure this is toe-tapping house. Taking its time to perfectly build up the progression towards smooth outbursts of wailing sirens. 6eme etape is another fine example of get-up-and-dance house, there’s plenty of driving drum kick and jazzy key chords, nicely pulled back and interrupted, to drop back in again with a renewed energy.

Poil de renard on the other hand immediately marks out its territory among the German minimal and micro house space. Strong, syncopated beats laced with chopped up whispers and unknown reverberations, this is tough! The 103 mix softens up the edges, a subtle underlying synth providing the mellowness – essentially your morning-after dub version.