Tolga Fidan
Double Edge Sword – Private Gold
Genre : Deep House
Maxi Single & EP PG004
Out: 12-01-2012

Double Edge Sword (Original Mix) Tolga Fidan
Double Edge Sword (Sammy Dee Remix) Tolga Fidan
Double Edge Sword (Jin Choi Remix) Tolga Fidan

Welcome to the employee canteen at the offices of Private Gold, would you like to have a seat? Take a load off, you’ve been working too hard. The kitchen has prepared some very special dishes for you this time around.

Executive chef Tolga Fidan (best known for his incredible releases on VAKANT) provides the freshest ingredients to make the three entreés we have on the menu.

Firstly, Double Edge Sword (Original Mix) does what Tolga does best: tease your psychedelic taste-buds. A meaty, umami flavored 80s electrofunk bassline anchors some wonderful call and response vocals asking you if you want to dance, telling you this song will make you dance whether you like it or not, and reminding you that all that’s wanted is to use your imagination. Subtly placed chimes, pianos and synth hits are like a family passed down seasoning blend that makes the dish entirely unique. If the Brothers Johnson took ketamine and thought they turned into your dinner, this is what it would sound like.

Secondly Perlon’s Sammy Dee, provides what amounts to a perfect clean remix course to re-whet the appetite and reset the taste-buds. A reductionist exploration of sharp and concise textures, sounds and flavors, it grooves while remaining taut and stretched (Ultrastreched, if you will). Hints of citrus, acidic berries, chili and the occasional full on root vegetable texture… all together not unlike a funky ass sorbet.

Finally we have label boss Jin Choi pulling out all the bombastic stops. Pulling the flavor/sound that cut through the original mix (a vocal snippet that has been fully sautéed in weirdness) and putting it center stage, he then amps up the party aspect in his remake, adding some champagne and caviar audio touches that sound to the ears like big ass synth melodies. Private Gold cannot stop with the magic and I’m guessing this one will leave everyone sated and happy.