Chris Carrier
ʻThrashin EPʼ
Act Natural Records

Release dates : Vinyl 02/04/2011 – Digital 09/04/2011
The legendary Chris Carrier delivers the ʻThrashinʼ EP for Londonʼs Act Natural this April – four tracks of typically accomplished house from the French stalwart.

Adult Only, Bass Culture, Robsoul, Freak N Chic and Hudd Traxx are just a handful of the labels Carrier has graced over the years and he rarely puts a foot wrong with his distinctive take on house.

Title track, ʻThrashinʼ, is built around a chunky rolling drum groove and trippy resonant synth line. Sonically the track carries a lot of weight with a busy structure yet each element remains neatly tucked away within its frequency range – a testament to the Parisian producers knowledge and experience.

The ʻDeep Mixʼ of ʻThrashinʼ is exactly that, a venture into the lighter end of the spectrum. Making the original a little less raw and focused on soft tones, subtle use of delay and dreamy pads.
ʻAll Nighterʼ steams in full throttle from the beginning with a saw wave bass line pulsing alongside a natural kick drum as the driving force. An airy atmospheric background builds the track to the key point where an arpeggaited synth takes control.

ʻMighty Gripʼ begins with an ever-evolving drum pattern, raw heavily reverberated claps and snares creep in sporadically giving the track a natural swing. The use of a classic 808 cowbell and acid bass line much like in ʻAll Nighterʼ gives the track a raw, 90ʼs feel.

Chris Carrierʼs ʻThrashinʼ EP is out on April 2nd 2012 followed by the digital release April 9th.
1. ʻThrashinʼ
2. ʻThrashin (Deep Mix)
3. ʻThe Allnighterʼ
4. ʻMighty Gripʼ


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