Jef K & Chris Carrier – Windtalkers (ep)

inc. Amir Alexander & Soulade Remixes



  • Label : Vitalik Recordings
  • Artist : Jef K & Chris Carrier
  • Remixer : Amir Alexander
  • Remixer 2 : Soulade
  • Windtalkers (EP)
  • Cat. VIT022
  • Release date Digital : 28.4 2014
  • Tracklist :
    1.The Beat
    2. Windtalkers
    3. Windtalkers (Soulade’s Quantum Leap)
    4. Windtalkers (Amir Alexander’s Dark Whisper)


The Windtalkers EP comes to Vitalik courtesy of the acclaimed collaboration of Jef K and Chris Carrier. Individually these two stalwarts of the French house scene are known as master-craftsmen of rhythm, renowned for their tight grooves and deft beat construction. Together they compliment each others sensibilities beautifully, as seen on tracks like ‘In My System’ which they collaborated with Chicago legend Chez Damier to form ‘The Gathering’ and now again on the forthcoming Windtalkers EP.

The Beat as its namesake suggests is a four to the floor cut of chunky house music, it’s rolling bass-line and punctuated hats make The Beat a formidable dj tool indicative of the duo’s dance-floor friendly production style.

Windtalkers is a dreamier affair, the spoken word vocal and the ethereal pads keep the track elevated while skipping beats and funk infused bass-line keep things moving forward.

Soulade’s Quantum Leap takes Windtalkers on a cosmic bounce. Huge analogue bass falls and delayed acid riffs are interspersed with crescendos of drum fills adding another dimension to the EP.

Amir Alexander’s remix takes Windtalkers dreamlike quality into opium-induced reverie. Swung beats, warm embracing chords and expanding pads float languidly over an electric bass-line wet with reverb. It’s an enthralling interpretation that rounds off the collection.