Carlos Sanchez + JovonnLVR10 Visual

Timeless (EP) 

  • Label : La Vie En Rose
  • Artist :  Carlos Sanchez
  • Remixer : Jovonn
  • Timeless (EP)
  • Cat. LVR10
  • Release date Vinyl : 25th November
  • Release date Digital : 9th December
  • Tracklist :
    Timeless (Jovonn Spyro  remix)

La Vie En Rose prides itself on plucking out some of the most raw and promising talent to emerge today, pushing their avant-garde sound with the help of “the DJ’s DJ” and label head Terence:Terry:

Timeless’ EP once again demonstrates the imprint’s aptitude for selecting only the most talented young producers, this time in the form of Gran Canarias native Carlos Sanchez. But this release also marks an important nod to past inspirations of Terence and all his team, as house don Jovonn steps in to take on the remix duties.

“Keeping the house roots, Carlos has made something original, something special… ‘Timeless’ instantly became my secret weapon to close a big room, BAM! And with a remix from a pioneer like Jovonn… there’s not much more I need say!” –Terence:Terry:

The title track ‘Timeless’ hits you hard with a solid, incessant thump. But the rising techno beginnings are slowly dissolved as the warming synths enter, and their crescendo moves you into more housey territory. As the sounds soften and smooth out almost completely, the bass launches back in, just in time for a winning climax.

Commencing at the opposite end of the spectrum, Jovonn’s rework immediately sets the scene in a deep house vein. The hushed, skipping vocal and off-kilter keys give it that authentically old-classic feel. However, Jovonn’s intensifying direction sees him ending up somewhere harder than the original, with harsher high hats for a punchier finish.

‘Lenka’ is a welcome addition to the package, a reliable early hours number full of depth and warmth. Cue the strings, reverberating keys and a subtle echoey vocal, to send you into a floating, watery dream.