S3A – Bastien (EP) 

  • Label : Hold Youth
  • Artist : S3A
  • Title :  Bastien (EP)
  • Cat. : HY010
  • Vinyl ONLY :  Early December

Once again showing their appreciation for forward-thinking music and supporting think-outside-the-box sounds, the latest EP on Hold Youth opens up the boundaries of electronic music and offers something more.

The opening track Sample’n’909 has been injected with pure funk and sets the scene for the rest of the release, which maintains that groove throughout. Well selected vocals can be found in the soulful harmonising of Those Voices or the smooth-speaking that makes Rainbow Slices the most mellow of the package. Ending the B side with No More Pretty, a joint stripped down to essential kick and high hats, you can feel the full strength of the funk once again as the jazzy keys enter…

3SA is a breakthrough DJ/producer from Paris and resident of the illustrious Concrete parties.