Cristi Cons

Suspecte (EP)

  • Label : ekloEKLO27_A_Clear
  • Artist : Cristi Cons
  • Title : Suspecte (EP)
  • Cat. : eklo027
  • Release Vinyl : December
  • Release Digital : NO
  • Tracklist :
    A- Recognize Me
    B- Suspecte

A lover of the sounds and artists at the forefront of the Romanian underground scene, Seuil treads deeper into this territory with the next Eklo EP. Presenting Cristi Cons, the young talent whose early productions were snapped up by a:rpia:r and a member of the hallowed Sunrise crew.

As is characteristic the tracks are lengthy and full of weird and wild, alien noises. Incessant stripped back beats drive the pace forward, while Recognize Me is completed with ghostly synths that are warming rather than disturbing.  Suspecte keeps a darker tone with clinks, background rattles and minor chords intermingling throughout the nine minutes. An altogether hypnotising creation for the freaky hours of the morning…