DJEBRW01_w(djebali) The Reworks 01 

  • Label : (djebali) Reworks
  • Artist : djebali
  • Remixer 1 : Christian Burkhardt
  • Remixer 2 :  Hreno & The Mole
  • Title :  (djebali) reworks 01
  • Cat. : DJEBRW01
  • Vinyl ONLY :  10th December

Riding off the resounding success of his vinyl-only, self-titled label ( djebali ), comes a new series of exciting reworks. Calling on established artists and friends to remix the ( djebali ) back catalogue, the debut edition features Christian Burkhardt and Hreno & the Mole.

When given the choice of any track from the seven releases, the premier reworkers coincidentally each selected a side off ( djebali ) 06. Burkhardt takes ‘The Ultimate Dare’, a classic deep house affair, and makes it a little weirder and wilder with a pacier techno beginning. Slowly but steadily he allows the warmer sounds to creep in until they take centre stage, while still maintaining a more intense overall effect. Also taking a techier approach, Hreno & The Mole get to work making Djebali’s sultry, sexy number a little harder hitting. Hypnotising moments of the original ‘Sun Rise Way’ still reappear in amongst the darker beats, but this is essentially your late night version.

Continuing to grow and evolve as a producer and label manager, ( djebali ) reworks follows not long after the launch of his latest creative offshoot ( djebali ) presents…  A platform for deep house artists which debuted with the top selling EP by Mr KS.