Hanfry Martinez + Dan Ghenacia rmx

Hasta Luego Primo (EP) 

  • Label : La Vie En Roselvr011_pochette_digital
  • Artist : Hanfry Martinez
  • Remixer : Dan Ghenacia
  • Hasta Luego Primo (EP)
  • Cat. LVR11
  • Release date Digital : 3rd March
  • Tracklist :
    Hasta Luego Primo (original)
    Hasta Luego Primo (Dan Ghenacia  remix)
    Mi Pichi

Fresh from previous releases on Get Physical Music and Unike Muzik. La Vie En Rose’s eleventh release is courtesy of Hanfry Martinez. The ‘Hasta Luego Primo EP’ is his sophomore release for the label and it features as a strong benchmark displaying Martinez’s penchant for the underground electronic music scene, supplying us with a style that glides somewhere between the cornerstones of house and techno.

The release begins in a deceptively playful fashion with its title track ‘Hasta Luego Primo’. As subtle percussion sweeps the mix into a flurry of refined melodic rhythms. The track begins to gradually feel its way into the cinematic and unnerving vocal sample.

Next up we have a remix from Dan Ghenacia who spent the majority of 2013 smashing it as part of the French trio Apollonia. Ghenacia’s remix is a different kind of animal to the original, using its key elements to form a rich dense cover over a bed frenzied percussion. The remix re-tailors the foundations of the track and cements its roots firmly on the dance floor.

As a second original offering to the release Martinez closes the EP with ‘Mi Pichi’. An energetic bass driven affair that Favours an off-set vocal arrangement against a series of rhythmical patterns that tie this cinematic cut together paying tribute to the hypnotic groove that’s kept throughout.

With already an international massive support all around the globe since the Sonar 2013,The ‘Hasta Luego Primo EP’ is out 3rd March 2014 ,and it’s not one to be missed



Leading a team of young talent, long-standing and well respected DJ/producer of the underground,Terence:Terry: launched his imprint La Vie En Rose in 2011. Aiming to encompass a range of genres, the label name is not only a nod to Terry’s Parisian culture, but also to the later interpreter of the famous song, the experimental and futuristic Grace Jones. Attributes Terry hopes to apply to the LVR project, the experienced music head is releasing the work of the next up-and-coming generation that have looked to him for inspiration.