Kerri Chandler – Sunday Sunlight – Repress

  • Label : ApolloniaAPO10-a
  • Artist : Kerri Chandler
  • Remixer 1 : Delano Smith
  • Title : Sunday Sunlight (EP)
  • Cat. : APO10
  • Release Vinyl : 24/02/14.
  • Release Digital :  No

Riding on the back of a tributary repress of Callisto’s ‘Need ur Love’, Apollonia present another expertly selected rare classic from their vinyl vaults, bringing together a musical collab quite frankly made in heaven.

Kerri Chandler, a true legend and pioneer of the deep house scene, an undeniable talent who has offered up so many outstanding pieces of production, most enthusiasts are hard-pushed to name just one favourite. Although not one of his most widely-known works, since its original release in 1999 ‘Sunday Sunlight’ has been one of those Kerri tracks, kept carefully savoured in the record bags of the Apollonia three. Yet who do you call on to remix not only a personal favourite, but a Kerri favourite at that? Cue Delano Smith for the Detroit touch, another originator who has helped shaped our music scene of today, and eagerly accepted the task of remixing the third re-press on the red-hot label that is Apollonia.

‘Sunday Sunlight’ is no less than an exquisite piece of classic house, featuring an unforgettable soul-injecting vocal from Kerri that will be resonating around your mind for hours after. Very much in his signature style, the heavy drum kick, the bouncy keys, this just oozes funky! Taking a turn into something more discreet and dreamy, Smith plays on the hypnotism of only one short reoccurring phrase of the original vocal. The overall effect is intoxicating, with a hint of Balearic about it an alluring feeling comes over you, compelling, mesmerizing, engulfing…

Originally released in limited numbers in ’99 on the now defunct Metaphor Recordings and never released digitally, this is undoubtedly a collector’s item. A long time waiting, Apollonia can now breathe a second lease of life into this masterpiece. A creative match that doesn’t come about every day, this is Kerri Chandler, remixed by Delano Smith, on Apollonia


EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Kerri Chandler ‘Sunday Sunlight’

The New Jersey master’s 1999 homage to dawn’s early light has been given a re-outing on the French trio’s lauded imprint (@apolloniamusic).

Classic Chandler in every sense, robust 4/4s thump under muffled shuffling hi-hats, a viscous bassline and soft airy chords, while Kerri’s own supple vocals are surprisingly dulcet.

With Delano Smith on the remix with some lovely deepness, this forgotten gem is about to be remembered.

Have a sneaky listen before it re-appears on 25th February (…nlight/501656-01/).