Le Loup – Exposure (12″) / CINQ – Airdrop 

  • Label : airdropCinq_Cover_LeLoup
  • Artist : various
  • Title : Cinq
  • Cat. : AD025
  • Vinyl ONLY :  10th March 2014
  • Tracklist

A1 Psynote AKA Franco Cinelli – P_FunkyNote
A2 Soul Clap – Cuttin-n-Scratchin
B1 Andrés Zacco – Dieffenbach Dreams
B2 Le Loup – Exposure
C1 Ark – Final Disorder
C2 Leonel Castillo – Soul
D1 Alejandro Mosso – Tiroalaire
D2 Nail – Whisper Deep Dub 


Airdrop (belatedly) celebrates its fifth anniversary with a bang!

Cinq – meaning ‘five’ in the native tongue of its French founders – features artists from every chapter of the Airdrop story to date alongside some new additions and special guests.

Airdrop’s first record was released in March 2008. The Giraffe EP (AD001) launched Soul Clap into the uppermost strata of house music as well as initiating a longstanding relationship between the label and the producers of Argentina through the input of Franco Cinelli.

Twenty-five records later, following countless label showcases around the world and the establishment of various sub-labels – Aux-Rec for all things re-issued and bootlegged, Greener curated by Andres Zacco and Groovear dedicated to the work of Leonel Castillo – it’s high time to take stock of the journey so far and plan for the future to come.

Cinq sits comfortably between these two outlooks. The exclusive and previously unreleased music cut on the two vinyls map out Airdrop’s future while Paulo’s mixed selection on the included CD offers a comprehensive recap of the label group’s catalogue highlights.

Two vinyls, a mixed CD, a special sticker packed in a beautiful hand-stamped sleeve, equals Cinq.

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