Jef K feat. Rhythm&Soul – The Groove Maker 

  • Label : Slow Town
  • Artist : Jef K feat. Rhythm&Soul
  • Title : The Groove Maker (EP)
  • Cat. : STown03
  • Release Vinyl : May 20213
  • Release Digital : NO
  • Tracklist :
    A1 Rhythm&Soul- The Groove Maker (Jef K Remix)A2 Jefe & Soul- Copacabana Blues
    B1 Rhythm&Soul- U Know What I’m Saying
    B2 Rhythm&Soul- Slow Town

Slow Town goes forward not just with its sound but its color. After its 2 acclaimed releases featuring artists from the likes of Norm Talley, Simon García, Jesuon, Joe Babylon or Khalil and a massive support from artist all around the world, Stow03 welcomes the spring time with a colorful release. One of Stown fav fellas and admired artists Jef K (Silver Network, Paris) joins with ST label owner Rhythm&Soul to release The Groove Maker as the third release of the cosmopolitan label.

With a mix of textures The Groove Maker EP goes from the smooth Brazilian house of Copacabana Blues, to the “detroitish” mood of The Groove Maker or an uptempo house dancefloor banger which is “U Know What I’m Sayin´”. Slow Town track, the first cut we did for the label, and the one which named our imprint, closes the release with a magic touch of soul and paused classic house.