Dyed Soundorom in the Mixmag DJ Lab 12.09.2012

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Friday 4pm is rapidly becoming the official start to the weekend and for DJ Lab session 30, we welcomed the deep and forward thinking sounds of Dyed Soundorom.

As the Frenchman returns from a third consecutive summer after consistently rocking DC 10’s Circo Loco dance floor, he arrives with an increased confidence as this man has undoubtedly become one of the most sort after DJs of 2012.

Dyed is a producer that specialises in the deep and underground grooves of house and techno releasing on labels such as Spectral Sound, Freak n’ Chic, Crosstown Rebels, Adult Only, Supplement Facts and Tsuba Records. His most recent project Apollonia sees him team up with fellow friends Dan Ghenacia and Shonky as the French trio look to establish a label and live performance designed to showcase their unique sound.

Prepare yourself for an onslaught of swagger, style and rhythm as one of the freshest and coolest DJ’s of the summer rocks our DJ Lab. You can watch all the action below or on MixmagTV  and be sure to one-click subscribe to Mixmag TV first to enjoy the full benefits of all our streams.

• Unknown/ Feel Up / Boris horel Edit
• Point G — underwater
• Angel Moraes — Rove
• Jordan Feel D — It’s All In Your Mind
• Jozif — Benny Benjamin Djebali remix
•  http://btprt.dj/Pgsccc
• DJ ganth — Discoglory (DJ Harvey Remix)
• Cassy — Soul Saviour
• Jay Tripwire — Saxanus
• Terrence Terry & Hanfry Martinez — Sunday Gathering (Dyed Soundorom remix)
• Livio Roby — The Old school
• Peace Division — Blacklight Sleaze (Dyed Soundorom Remix)
• DJ Ronain — It’s The Spirit
• Alex Cotton — Dractone C
• Ark — Me and
• Delano Smith —  Wires http://btprt.dj/UboeBD
• Rhythm Plate — Lean
• Baeks — Lost Summer
• DJ Catt and DJ Foxx — Casafied Modern Music

djlab_carosel_Dyed Soundorom