Posted on March 2nd, 2012 in The Adventures of Soul Clap Podcast.

It’s not often we post podcasts from DJs that we’ve never met before. Then again it’s not often that we get sent amazing old school hip-hop mixes. Once you factor in that it was our favorite Frenchy, Leo Le Loup who did the sending, you can understand why we’d make an exception for this exceptional mix. This gem of a mix comes from Chris Carrier, one of France’s most prolific and eclectic producers. The late 80′s is an often forgotten era in hip-hop, it takes a deep knowledge to cover this time when the genre was really spreading its wings and Chris provides the perfect history lesson.

Here’s a brief description in his own words:

I was waiting for my daughter, my first child, to be born and believe me, there were a lot of sleepless nights! The studio naturally became my distraction and one night I found myself mulling over the music that had first got me into the club scene as a teenager in Paris. I actually started out as a hip hop DJ in the late 80’s so this mix harks back to my lesser known East Side roots ;) All the tracks are pure old skool gems from around 85’ to 90’, and includes independent New York labels like Profile, Warlock and its now defunct sub-label Fresh Records. I wanted to keep the old skool vibe the whole way through, to create a genuine slice of DJ Chris Carrier la Paris 1990. Get ready then for a full 60 minutes of raw rapping, hip shaking, head-nodding stuff…hope you enjoy!

– Charles Earland – Leaving this Planet – Prestige Records
– Love Story – Just-Ice – Fresh Records
– Tuffest Man Alive – Fila Fresh Crew Featuring the D.O.C – Macola Records
– Cold Rock Stuff – Hassan & 7-11 – Easy Street Records
– Bass Machine – T La Rock / Fresh Records
– Getting Paid – Stezo – Fresh Records
– Young Ladees – Baritone Tiplove – Easy Street Records
– Down by Law – M.C Shan – Cold Chillin’ Records
– Runaway – Roxanne Shanté – Pop Art Records
– B-Boy Document – Krown Rulers – Warlock Records
– Rock the Beat – Derek B – Profile Records
– My Part of Town – Tuff Crew – Warlock Records
– Get into Something – Just – Ice – Fresh Records
– It Takes Two – Rob Base & E.Z Rock – Profile Records
– Subliminal Criminal – Definite Lee – Easy Street Records
– It’s Mad -Tuff Crew – Warlock Records
– The Show – Doug E Fresh & the get Fresh crew – Reality Records
– Wild Style

The Adventures of Soul Clap Episode 96: Chris Carrier’s Late 80′s Hip-Hop Mix