Société Perrier DJ Mix: Chris Carrier & Hector Moralez



Carrier & Moralez

French house DJ/producer Chris Carrier (read his five favorite artists on SoundCloud here) and American partner Hector Moralez just presented the world with their remarkable collaborative album Lotus Seven album on the Apollonia label. Based around an imaginary road trip back to ’90s San Francisco, the album brandishes dancey grooves that draw influence from funk, soul and well beyond the dance floor.

Lovers of all types of music, the duo went into the lab and created a special hip-hop mix for Société Perrier in honor of their new album. Over the course of 16 tracks, they weave together songs by Murs, Lifesavas, Group Home, Brand Nubian and Wu-Tang Clan into a captivating session.

“We are both fans of the ’90s hip-hop underground style and that decade of music indeed has had a huge impact on our style of production, » says Carrier and Moralez. « The mix is an extension of that inspiration and time. You can also hear this influence in our Lotus Seven album; there’s a hip-hop soul throughout the tracks and interludes.”

Have a listen below to their sensational DJ mix and get ready to have your world rocked.

Chris Carrier & Hector Moralez’s Lotus Seven is out now on Apollonia.

Société Perrier DJ Mix: Chris Carrier by Société Perrier on Mixcloud

Société Perrier DJ Mix: Chris Carrier & Hector Moralez

1. Ty – « Oh U Want More » (Big Dada)
2. MF Doom and Madlib – « America’s Most Blunted » (Stones Throw)
3. Rawcotiks – « Hardcore Hip Hop DJ premier remix » (Freeze)
4. Murs – « 3:16 » (DJX)
5. Crown City Rockers – « Fortitude » (Insiduous Urban Records)
6. DJ MIGHTY MI feat Mike Zoot, Mos Def, EL-P – « B-Boy Document » (Eastern Conference)
7. Jaydee – Give it Up » (Fatbeats)
8. LifeSavas – « What if it’s True » (Quannum)
9. The Grouch and Eligh – « The Clap » (Legendary Music)
10. T-Love – « Nobody Knows My Name Revisited » (Pickininny)
11. All City – « The Actual » (MCA)
12. DITC – « Get Yours » (Big L, O.C, Diamond) (DITC)
13. Group Home – « Supa Star » (Payday)
14. Wu Tang Clan – « 7th Camber »
15. Grandmaster Slice – « Slice I Get Nice » (Creative Funk)
16. Brand Nubian – « All For One » (Elektra)