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Chris Carrier  mix for Rhythmatic

Rhythmatic Intimate Sessions is back to what it does best – creating unique and intimate Sessions wherever they have been booked to play.

Our next instalment is taking place at Cargo with a very special debut by Chris Carrier 22nd of Oct.

There are two kinds of DJs: those whose goal is to make a name for themselves and those whose goal is to make music – and let the rest follow. Parisian Chris Carrier is among the latter. For more than a dozen years he’s been an underground icon, churning out more than one hundred records and remixes for a host of labels. Too busy working to chase a spot in the limelight; Carrier is nevertheless rightly revered as one of the most gifted, prolific producers on the dance scene.

Refusing to restrict his output to one genre or one school of thought, Carrier has dabbled freely in everything from house to hip hop, drum ‘n’bass to minimal, techno to electro. Most DJ’s have one label – if at all – but Chris is so restlessly creative he’s founded a whole fistful of labels over the course of his career, including the renowned Adult Only imprint, Chronobrain, Combustible, Taka, X86 and Direct Art. He has also worked under more than a fifteen aliases. Chris is an artist who refuses to be pigeonholed or to conform to a bland “career plan.” Growing up in Paris, his father, a keyboardist, provided his early musical inspiration, along with heroes like Quincy Jones and AC/DC.

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