065 – Le Loup

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Our next guest has led the way for Paris’ newest generation of house producers after launching his releasing career with authority back in 2009. His releases for US institution Wolf + Lamb were a tasty introduction and he’s gone on to cement his place as one of Paris’ young shining lights thanks to EPs for Eklo and his own imprint Hold Youth, amongst a host of quality remix work.

After catching our ear with a brilliant mix for Fabric late last year, it was clear his DJing ability was equally as promising. Le Loup has mixed up 065 and answered a few questions for the cause. Enjoy!

What have you been up to lately? Have you still been trying to juggle your sound engineering studies with gigs and producing, or is that all finished now?

To be honest I didn’t graduate the engineering school. It wasn’t easy to manage it all at the same time so I decided to focus on my production and djing. Nevertheless, it has allowed me to learn a few things on the production process, recording and mixing, overall it was good training.

What are your feeling’s on Paris’ House Music scene at the moment, obviously you grew up as House was becoming an institution there in the 90’s, do you feel like there is still some of that magic of the 90’s resonating at the parties now, and with the new generation of DJ’s/producers?

I think that the 90’s house wave made it possible for France to become dissociated, and unfortunately we remained behind this image for too long. Today there are many young talents and I think there is a true scene. One can always speak about French touch, except it has evolved a lot since then. I think that we are good for this music but we do not have enough support here for the new artists and the local artists in general. I think it is good to highlight what could occur and think of the future, to highlight our scene. There are more and more interesting things happening so that is good news!

Each one [artist] has made his own way and finds support where it is, there are loads of labels which are emerging right now like Rue de Plaisance, (djebali) and Dockside to name a few friends. We can congratulate the promoters of the “Sundae” parties, “Concrete” or ” Die Nacht” who are throwing good parties around here at the moment. There are more and more events outside of the clubs and it works!

How much of that early French house sound has influenced you as an artist? It feels as though your output has shifted a little towards the more traditional and earlier house sounds as your music has matured, has that been a natural progression for you?

Very young I started to listen to hip hop, and then I discovered House music when I was at the college. At that time the French touch was very popular, I was listening to Radio FG and the album Paradise by Bob Sinclar! I then became interested in the origin of this music from disco to the house from Chicago to Detroit. I think that this music has always influenced me and still today does influence myself a bit but this is only a small part of all the things that can influence me when I produce.

I am happy with the evolution that takes place with my music and I pay really attention to that. I am still young and it is natural that my sound moves forward and matures with the years. For me the music and the sound are a process without an end, you discover new things every day, fortunately! For me crate digging is an essential part of a Djs work.

I have the feeling lately that the quality of the releases has decreased, one tends to make disposable music. This is why I find more interesting to look towards the past, the traditional ones, the pieces people always play and that age well… This music inspires me a lot and I respect those producers who succeed in crossing time. For me a large challenge is to make music that will remain through the years!

Tell us about Hold Youth, the label and production team with your started with hometown friend Seuil. What inspired the label and what are your plans for it in the future? Will you be involving more artists?

The idea behind hold youth appeared shortly after my meeting with Seuil. We quickly realised we shared a very similar vision of the music in general. We then decided to get together in the studio. After only 1 or 2 sessions, we had already established several ideas for tracks. Alexis [Seuil] quickly proposed this idea of a new label, the music and the global project being rather different from what was already happening on [his label] Eklo.


Hold youth is oriented around sampling and the art of mixing the old with the new. We really try to represent the French style in which we believe. We know we will not sell thousands of copies and we won’t make money, but at least we speak to a passionate crowd like ourselves.

The 3rd release will be out in the coming weeks with an original from Hold Youth and remixes from San Proper & Och. There is then a new important artist for the Hold Youth family, S3A. He carried out his first EP a few month ago on Phonogamme with 4 deep house pieces, we also have some exciting future releases with RIck Wade, Ark & Pit Spector aka The Alf Brothers as well as the Fidan brothers. We will also continue to hold the Hold youth night at Rex Club on Thursdays hosting artists we want to put under the spotlight and make the audience discover.

You have a double 12” due out on Eklo later in the month, what is the story behind that package? Will this be the longest record you’ve released to date?

Yes I’m pretty happy about this one, its been a long time since I have released a solo EP. I’ve been working on it for a long time because after my last releases I didn’t really know what I wanted to do, the only thing I was sure about was that I did not want to do something just because people were waiting for me. I really wanted to show to people the music that I like in all its different styles. I’ve spoken and exchanged music with Seuil for months and months, there is even a track on the EP that he features on. I made this double EP in homage to my friend Remi that I recently lost, that makes this project really special to me, I think that people will be rather surprised by the result…

What can you tell us about the mix, how and where was it recorded?

This mix was recorded in my room with two technics turntables, my vinyl collection and a computer.

What else do you have coming up that you’re able to tell us about?

Nothing concrete or that I can tell you about know, but I’m working on a new EP and some remixes.


Kassian Troyer – Stills

Fumiya Tanaka – 337

Norm Talley – Our Roots

Seuil – MPC Two (Fred P Reshape)

Tang – Horizons

Jordan Fields – Boxbeater

Boo Williams – Make Some Noise

Jun – Untitled

Brooks – Clix

Soul Capsule – Seekers (Villalobos Remix)

Boris Horel – Rhythm Tramp

Super Collider – Darn (Cold Way O Lovin) (Derrick Carter Remix)

Itsnotover – Belle Ville