We are super proud to announce that our 6th podcast comes from Parisian house legend Jef K.  Head honcho of deep house imprint Silver Network, Jef K is a man constantly striving to push great deep house music to the masses.  This podcast, however, is a step in different direction from his usual deep house sound and delves expertly into the realms underground disco house.

Ketoloco caught up with Jef K for a chin wag…

1) What have you been up to lately?

Been touring a lot and working a lot on music lately, a lot of new releases are coming up including a new one on my label silver network with two originals from Death on the Balcony.  Remixes by myself & gwen maze, robert james, and valentin from paris will also be onn that EP.  There is also an original track and a remix for a very nice track from yakine on One Records – Birmingham, two original tunes by myself, gwen & alex murak on Italian label Rebirth and finally a remix for 2020 vision … and so on!

2) You were born and raised in the suburbs of Paris.  How did this influence you musically?

i was raised with all kinds of ‘black music’, reggae, funk dico, hip hop … everything with huge basslines so i went naturally to house music after that …

3) A lot of people tend to say the French house scene was stronger back in the 90’s, what are your thoughts on this?

I think it’s true, bak in the days we were really lucky to have all big dj’s fighting to play in paris, then it went a bit down for a few years  but it’s really changing now and paris is getting bigger and bigger nowadays partywise and musicwise … a lot of new talents are coming up as well as new partypeople …. Paris is back bébé !! winking
4) Silver Network has become a classic deep house label. Can Tell us about your ethos with the label?  Have you always led it in the same musical direction as you do now?

My brother and i built the label back in 1999 and we have 30 releases so far, we always tried to have a certain quality … As big fans of US house music here are a lot of american artists but we opened it a lot to all kinds of artists from europe also …. Not really caring about names but defintly caring about quality music …

5) What are your past experiences of Ketoloco? Did you think about those when you were planning your mix? 

I played ketoloco for easter bank holiday in london this year and had a real blast … it was a beautiful sunny day and i only have great memories of it … Of course i thought about it when doing this mix but it’s not really what I play for you guys, it’s takes a more disco journey.

6) The podcast takes a more laid back route through disco house music. Do you prefer playing at slower tempos?

Actually i love basslines and the slowest the better to enjoy them … Also i like podcasts that are made for homelistening, i also like proper club sets, but i thought i should give you this one as i had a lot of beautiful tracks that are not always possible to play in clubs …

7) How was the podcast produced?

Did it this week end at home with my girlfriend as only audience … She’s really into music and gives me the good vibes i need to make a proper podcast …

8) When your not touring or in the studio, what do you do to relax?

me and my girlfriend have two kids, no better way to relax than hanging with them …

9) What’s on the horizon for Jef K in 2011?

More and more music more and more parties … stay tuned !!


  • Catch Jef K spinning a ’90’s deep house’ set at our ‘5 Years of Ketoloco, Halloween Soiree’ party.itunes pic

5 Years of Ketoloco, Halloween Soiree

Saturday 29th October

The Warehouse, Leeds