Barcelona-based TC80 brings all the flavours together, gathering all his influences into this exclusive 1-hour live set. Never afraid to experiment, even with downtempo and experimental stuff, the French producer has been through many facets of the 4/4 beat, ranging from deep house to house, techno and electro. Whether it’s 808 or 909, his infectious beats combined with 303 acid splashes and retro-sounding synths have made Tony one of the leaders in the continually rising electro/cybernetic movement. After having released on labels such as Castanea and Cabaret, TC80 has also founded his own SEQUALOG Records, hosting artists like Etienne and Two Face U.

« I used 2 grooveboxes from Roland, MC-307 and MC-808, linked with an E-RM Midiclock+. I composed many tracks on each machine and then use them like turntable playing a track each on a mixer and do the arrangements and modulation live ». TC80

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