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Published On 23/07/2016 | By Steve Rickinson 

D’Julz has been at the forefront of electronic music since his career began in France back in 1992.

D’Julz has been at the forefront of electronic music since his career began in France back in 1992.

His legendary Bass Culture night at Rex Club, Paris has been running for almost two decades, one of the longest running event in the club’s history, also spawning D’Julz’s highly successful eponymous record label.

Of course, with such a lengthy and prolific career, D’Julz has also released his production work on a slew of the world’s best imprints (Circus Company, Robsoul, Ovum, Rekids, 20:20 Vision) while bringing his sound to club’s around the world (Fabric, Panorama Bar, Output, Womb, Circoloco). With the 2016 summer now in full swing, D’Julz is back on the road, celebrating his birthday at Rex Club this Saturday, as well as upcoming stops in Lisbon (7/8 – Brunch Electronik), Ibiza (26/8 – Music On & Circoloco – 12/9), Tunisia (2/9 – Djerba Fest 2016), and all over France.

He will also be a part of Lola ED vs Half Baked at Movement Croatia, going down on 28 July at The Garden Resort. Anticipating that performance, D’Julz has been gracious enough to provide us an EXCLUSIVE podcast, as well as in depth interview, all of which you can find below

You’re officially based in Paris. What do you think distinguishes the nParisian scene from other cities such as London, NYC, Berlin, and Amsterdam? 
Each of these other cities had a very strong scene right from the beginning of the House / techno movement. In Paris things started at the end of the 80’s like everywhere else, but it took many years for the scene to develop to the scale of these other capitals. The government repression in the mid 90 ‘s dramatically slowed the progression. It’s only been since 5 years that you can say Paris has finally arrived where it should have been decades ago. That being said Paris always had quality clubs and talented artists it was just on a smaller scale than the others cites, until now.

Your Bass Culture label moniker is the long-running event series at the renowned Rex club in Paris. What’s the essence of the venue, and how has it influenced the sound curated on the label?
The Rex is the only club that was at the center of the scene from the very beginning, and that is still relevant today. All the Paris DJs to this day, have at some point been musically educated there. I started to play there 20 years ago, so I developed my DJ skills and musical identity there. In extension, my Bass Culture night and the label identity was made there.

Given the label’s long history – in what direction are you presently steering the label?
The label is 7 years old, I don’t think it is that old. Its direction is not much different today than it was at the start. I’M just trying to release quality House and Techno music which is as timeless as possible

More broadly speaking – how would you describe the Parisian sound, and how does Bass Culture reflect that?
There is not just one Parisian sound. Paris has a strong techno scene, and also a minimal, electro and house scene as well. If you refer to the deeper house Parisian style, I think it has very strong roots in early US house but has also recently stripped down a bit with the Romanian minimalist influences.

Still, the funkiness and a sort of deep sexiness are the main ingredients of that style. I don’t see Bass culture as the typical deep Parisian sounding label.

It has some elements of it but I’d like to think of it as a more eclectic label .

In terms of your own sets – is there a common theme you try to stick to in order to avoid the dangers of ‘trends’?
By not forgetting my roots and by mixing things up as much as I can! Trends are a necessary, they sometimes bring something fresh and interesting. When I like a new kind of music I try to find elements in it that fit my original style. I don’t replace the musical identity that took me 25 years to build with the new ‘hot’ sound and I don’t on jump bandwagons. Of course evolution is necessary for an artist but having a string musical personality is even more important. I find it super pathetic when a DJ radically changes the genre of music he plays according to what’s trendy, and has the nerve to shit on the tracks he was playing 6 months before. It’s pretty laughable actually.

Who are some emerging Parisian artists we should be aware of?
It’s an exciting time for Paris. I can see tones of talent coming in the next few years. For House I’d say : Djebali, Mandar, Vahart, DJ Steaw, John Jastszebski, Ben Vedren, Flabaire…. to name a few.

In terms of shopping for vinyl in Paris, what are your favorite spots?
Syncrophone, Techno import, La source, Yoyaku.

After your Bass Culture night at Rex – you’ve got a performance at Movement Croatia coming up – tell us about it?
It’s my first time playing for Movement and it’s also their first edition in Croatia I think, so I cant’ say much about it yet. However according to the line up and the history of Movement, it should be amazing. Also I will be playing with DJs I like, for my Half Baked and Lola Ed friends so I’m in very good hands

What’s your approach to DJing large festivals versus more intimate club settings – are there any similarities between the two in regards to how you prepare and execute your sets?
In festivals you usually have to go straight to the point when I normally prefer to take my time to build things up. It’s a different kind of exercise. It also depends how big your stage is or who you play with at festivals, and in general it’s always better to improvise because you never what’s gonna really happen.

Do you have anything special lined up for the event?
Nothing, except my favorites tunes, and positive energy.

Other than enjoying the remarkable weather during your set, do you have any other plans while visiting the country?
I’m afraid I won’t have much time to visit Croatia but hopefully I’ll be back for proper holiday at some point.

Do you have any upcoming projects lined up for the remaining 2016?
Besides my residencies at Rex and Circoloco, I have a couple of big tours in the US and Asia scheduled. On the releases side, I have a new EP coming out on Rekids, plus remixes for Cassy on Aus and for DJ Rolando.


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