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Molly Podcast
Posted: 10/7/17
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As resident at Paris’ legendary Rex Club, Molly has established herself as one of the city’s brightest talents, combining passion, integrity and talent to launch a successful DJ career and producing several key releases for labels such as Rekids, All Inn and Karlova.

More recently, her debut solo EP arrived on Yoyaku and Molly then launched her own platform RDV. With her career firmly in the take off position and Ibiza dates confirmed at Unusual Suspects (alongside Thomas Melchior) and Circoloco, we caught up with Molly whilst she was grabbing 15 minutes time off in Corsica..

Ibiza Voice – Tell us about the mix – anything new in there? How did you record it?

Molly – This mix is actually a section from the 7-hour set I was booked to play a few weeks ago on the rooftop at Output in New York. I played all day long. These kind of sets are a good test for DJs, it means that you construct your set with different parts, and sections which cater for the different times of day. With such a long set time you can really create a proper journey, it’s a dream for most DJs.

I decided to cut part of this set for Ibiza Voice, which I recorded just for myself, so it’s a total exclusive. This podcast reflects exactly how I build my mixes. I’m not the kind of DJ who records podcasts on Ableton. I don’t like that. I like it when the mix reflects the reality of a situation, but also the feelings and emotions that you can create.

In this mix you’ll find the upcoming release from AYBEE, on my label Rdv Music, also this beautiful track from Kettenkarrussell, from his last release, an old one from Cobblestone Jazz.

IV – Where are you and what are you up to as we speak?

Molly – I’m in Corsica right now, in Cargese. I spend lot of time here, as much as I can actually. But it’s not always that easy to find the time, especially with my summertime schedule. It’s my little paradise and I can really relax here after a big weekend… I’m just about to go swimming in the sea. 

IV – What’s the best club you’ve played recently?

Molly – The Shelter in Amsterdam – it has a really good soundsystem, a lovely team working behind the scenes, and it’s the perfect size for a club… It ticks all the boxes for me!

IV – What are you looking forward to most this summer?

Molly – Honestly, I would say I’m looking forward to all my weekends over the summer. Every weekend is a new story, a new adventure… new places, new people, new friends etc. I’ll be playing at Panoramabar next Saturday, which is gonna be very exciting, but I also have my residency at REX towards the end of the month, then back to Ibiza, playing at Sankeys for Unusual Suspects with a great line up. 

Then there’s the festival Into The Factory in Sweden, also I can’t forget to mention the festival where I do the programming, Cargese Festival, which is happening early August!

IV – Tell us something we may not know about your music career?

Molly – I have launched my new label, RDV Music which stands for Recit de Voyage. The first release was slightly delayed but will come out in the upcoming weeks, and the second is due early September.

IV – How did you get your break as a DJ?

Molly – I think at all started when I had to play at the Concrete, it was one of the first parties they did. They booked me there for a 4-hour set, peak time ! After that, I became resident for the party and started to receive booking requests from abroad…

IV – Do you produce? If so, what labels?

Molly – Yes I do. I’ve done a couple of remixes in the past for Rekids, All Inn, Karlovak etc .. and I just released my first full EP on the AKU label, from Yoyaku, Paris. I’m actually working on a remix for Plaisir Records – a French label – and I have some tracks at home with me that are ready to be sent to labels… watch this space.

IV – Where do you source your music? 

Molly – Mainly at record stores in Paris: Syncrophone, Smallville, Yoyaku but also records stores overseas. I always try to dig when I’m on the road as you often find rare gems and unusual releases you might not find elsewhere. Otherwise, I’m also hunting down new music online via Discogs, Decks, Juno, Whatpeopleplay etc …

IV – What is your favourite record shop?

Molly – The list would be too long because I have a favorite shop in almost every city I had the chance to visit!

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