Why Hanfry Martinez?

Joining @Lola-ED family in 2014, Hanfry Martinez is an artist who the French crew have been following for a long time. Hanfry is originally from the sunny Tenerife in the Canary Island but is now based in Berlin, city where he’s pushing his artistic career. Hanfry started off as a resident DJ and promoter in his hometown, before his rise to prominence in Europe.

A highly promising talent, nominated in the ‘Best Spanish Artist’ and ‘Best Deep House DJ’ categories by @ViciousMagazine. He’s part of uncountable various artists releases from @OfficialHector’s label, @Vatos-Locos-Official, a platform based around a family spirit, being Hanfry one of several key members of the dynamic new crew. A few years ago Hanfry started his own label @Overall-Music with close friend and fellow Canarian Javier Carballo.

Hanfry says that the aim is simply to “create an original and innovative sound that stays true to our influences”. We’ve been hearing lately that he may be about to launch his own solo label … We’ll be aware of this project, from FOUN we wish you the best with it and hopefully we’ll see it succeed during this year. Also we want to thank you for being part of our latest #OFFWEEK edition. Hanfry and his partner in crime Javier @Carballo delivered for us an impressive closing set filled with fine and perfect mixes from which we enjoyed like kids. Without a doubt, they’re two of the most “delicatessen” DJs in the national scene.

“Pure is origin essence.“