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We’re taking an unpredictable though calculated tangent this week that runs parallel to the cogent house scene our guest this week has helped establish.  From his younger years studying film in France, Anthony Collins commenced an acclivity at a critical intersection in his life, where as the majority of the populace would arguably have adopted a more cautious approach.  It’s these defining moments that characterise our creative composition and it comes as no surprise that after several successful projects, Rabouine House and Doubts & Shouts to name some the finer examples, he’s now found himself cooperatively working to further a new institution in electronica – Scissor & Thread.

Now whilst routine coordinates a passive standard that can be detrimental to progress, it’s clear he’s constructed a focus that’s acting as a catalyst in dissolving said state as far as the broader community is concerned and we’re still many years from a conclusive summary in his advance.  As a substitute, we’ll leave you with this weeks broadcast to conspire against any diplomatic interference regarding your own judgements. 

Kn:  Growing up between New York & Paris certainly would have exposed you to two very diverse and influential musical cultures.  Were there any particular pivotal or influencing moments when you decided you wanted to become part of the electronic music world?

then I discovered after-hours and the more underground house that went with it and I was hooked!!

AC:  It happened randomly actually.  I was about 18 and had just moved out my parents house and had my own first flat in Nice, a city where I knew no one, as was over there to do film school.  I had some money set aside and purchased a pair of decks for my flat.  I started spending hours DJ’ing and dropped out of school haha… and then I discovered after-hours and the more underground house that went with it and I was hooked!!anthony collins 2011-1-pix by luc marciano_590
Kn:  Your father had a Jazz Studio in LA while you were growing up.  Has that influenced the way in which you approach music production?

AC:  I was a baby when he had that studio, I have some cool pics of little me on this giant mixing desk.  But by the time I got into music myself my father had been out of the music industry for years…

Kn:  You’ve managed to release a staggering number of quality records in the past 5 years, and show no sign of resting on past achievements.  Was that your plan from the beginning or did things just evolve organically over that period of time?

There was no plan at all.  I am just spending loads of time making music

AC:  There was no plan at all.  I am just spending loads of time making music, so have produced lots of new material.  Lucky for me cool labels liked the music and wanted to release it… simple as that!Scissor & ThreadKn:  The Freak n Chic era must of been quite an influential period in your life as an artist whilst being surrounded with a crew of like minded friends in Dan Ghenacia, Shonky & Dyed Soundorom and releasing career changing material such as ‘Rabouine House’ and ‘Doubts & Shouts’.  However, things for you have developed and you have created your own imprint with Adultnapper under the title, Scissor & Thread.  What did that particular period teach you as an artist that you’ve employed into the philosophy and spirit of your new label?

AC:  The main point that I learned is creating a family relationship with all the members of the label, so that means being very selective.  That was the strength of Freak n’Chic and it will be our strength as well with Scissor & Thread.  The first two releases were by a New York based artist called Black Light Smoke, who will also be releasing an album in 2012 for us.  The 3rd and 4th releases are tracks from the upcoming album of Francis Harris on the label, with amazing remixes by Matthew Herbert, NSI and Black Light Smoke.  In 2012 we will be developing new talented artists that we have discovered, very excited to get all this music out, you can’t imagine!

Kn:  In an ever-expanding market, musical longevity and producing a timeless product is something that’s difficult to achieve, yet these characteristics can be attributed to your work.  Do you ever look back and draw inspiration from your own accomplishments?  And does this influence you in terms of how you decide to move forward?

try to create your own style

AC:  I just think the way to go is really to try to create your own style.  Follow the trends and take some inspiration from it, then blend it with your own personal background so you’re always evolving and it does not get boring.anthony collins 2010-2_590Joli Chat EP - Nice Cat RecordsKn:  We’ve seen new studio collaborations with the like of Ricardo Villalobos, Los Updates and Kate Simko.  Each project naturally has its own unique approach, and you obviously enjoy the collaboration process.  What new projects/releases do you have coming up?

AC:  Yeah I love collabs, as the people I choose to work with are people that I’m big fans of production wise.  As for future projects, I’ve got some projects in the works with Daze Maxim, Dj Melon, Francis Harris aka Adultnapper…

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