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Monday, 07 November 2011 00:00
Podcast #35 : Hold Youth (Seuil et Le Loup)Seuil & Le Loup, already used to share the line up together, band together and create Hold Youth. The old and the youth, the new and the former, a process that they wish to explore through their productions and their new label samely named. Explications with words and music !
« – When did you meet for the first time ?
It was during a party where we were both playing with Jan Krueger & Pier Bucci in Paris.– Why did you decide to work together under a new name ?
After different exchanges and debates about music on Skype, we became friends, and having many influences and tastes in common, we thought that our vision between the old school and the modern could become an interesting project. That is why we decided to name us « Hold Youth ».

– Hold Youth is also a label. You decided to release vinyls only. Can you explain this decision in such a difficult context, when digital platforms are growing fast ?
First, it is a format that we defend and support since we both play on vinyls.
The sound quality is irreparably better and the « object » is much more completed than a mp3 file, which is finally very fleeting. The collector aspect is also interesting, we know that this is a music sold to few exemplaries, and touching mainly vinyls lovers.

– Will you sign other artists on Hold Youth or is it a label dedicated to your releases ?
It is mainly for our releases, but we will also have maxis from other artists like S3A and Douze who will be part of the family. Moreover, we will have some remixs and surely favourites artists that we want to push front the stage.

– Seuil, you already have your own label. What difference will you make between Eklo and Hold Youth ? How will you decide to release a track on one or the other label ?
Eklo is my first label, that I created in 2007. The music is true to the label spirit, which is a modern house minimal or micro house oriented music. For Hold Youth, the music will be more old school, tainted with soul, disco, funk, hip-hop…
The choice should be pretty natural. The decisions for Hold Youth are made with Le Loup, and we both have to like the releases. But it is true that my heart will balance for certain tracks, but by discussing we will find a solution.

– How do you work together for the production ? Who does what and do you do everything together ?
Le Loup : Seuil has a nice studio and we often meet there.
Seuil : At the beginning, Le Loup is a great samples and sounds hunter, he started by bringing many ideas on which working. I then work on samples search and we shared our ideas by working on Logic. We work with an Mpc for the beats, a tr 909 and 707 and i have some synths like the SH101, the K2000 from Kurweil, or the six tracks from SC.
We write the music and edit it together, I mix it on my analog table and we try to do everything together to keep a certain unity.

– Is a Hold Youth live planned ?
Exactly, we speak about it a lot, since I know Live Le Loup has to discover it but we already have a common trip to develop it.


– Your gurus ?
Gouru, Michael Jackson, Dj Mehdi, Trankilou, Thomas Bangalter, J Dilla, Daniel Bell, Theo Parrish, Moodyman, Norm talley, Ricardo Villalobos »

Hold Youth will be playing the 19th of November at Social Club, alongside Pépé Bradock and San Proper.



Hold Youth

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