Focus on  Catwash Records : Chris Carrier

Chris Carrier is one of those rare kinds of artists that have an omnipresent quality and yet do not seek to make their name bigger than the music itself. You may not even know it but there is a 99% chance you have experienced some dancefloor-based elation at the hands of the Parisian maestro.

With over 100 production credits under his belt, he’s been an underground icon for the past decade, thanks to works like Kung Fu Grip, Mohake Dreams, Silver Network, and Lipstick. Carrier is revered as one of the most prolific and gifted producers on the dance scene today.

With output as diverse as they come, Carrier has dabbled freely in everything from house to hip-hop, drum n bass, to minimal, to techno, electro, and funk and disco … founding a whole fistful of highly regarded labels in the industry. Over the course of his career, he has established the renowned Adult Only imprint, Chronobrain, Combustible, Taka, X86, and Direct Art, and worked under a variety of aliases. No doubt he is an extraordinary machine manufacturing quality tracks that has given  much to talk to his skills.


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