DJB.283 Djebali

Monday 18 November, 2013. Duration: 1h5m24s.

Text: Dan Cole.


No one does a French house party like the talent Parisian Djebali. All round party boy and generally awesome DJ, Djebali is part of the growing house explosion that’s erupting in the French region. Drawn into DJing through the likes of Ivan Smagge and Ricardo Villalobos, Djebali was taken under Dan Ghenacia’s wing. He is the Dogtanian to Apollonia’s three musketeers.

He has more recently established himself as an expert promoter through his work with Ideal Juice at the Parisian Social Club. His label ( djebali ) has been home to the producers analogue studio experiments but more recently released a new 12″ with Mr KS, an outstanding and fresh new talent who’s Chicago styled house beats are causing mass hysteria across the decks of DJs worldwide. Who better to serve up a selection of fun, chilled beats for our weekly DJB Podcast?

How did you do the mix – what set up do you use and was it done in the studio?
I made the podcast with vinyls and CDS.; my usual setup. I recorded it in my studio in paris.

Any special moments on the mix you’d like to highlight?
Yes, in this mix you can have a special first listen to two upcoming releases :
At 27 minutes is ( djebali ) reworks 01. It’s a remix made by Hreno & The Mole of the my track Sun Rise Way featured on ( djebali 06 .)Watch out for the reworks EP out early december.

Another forthcoming remix you won’t have heard yet is at 42 minutes, this time from Point G of my track Reputation from 2011. This one is planned for release beginning of 2014.

And a personal highlight in there is a track from Boo Williams’ ‘Mistical Jorney’. Love it; so emotional for me.

The new Mr KS EP is getting some stunning response, how did you come across the tracks?
I met Mr KS in a party when he came to see me play in the south of france, and then again at my residency party at Social Club Paris. We started to talk and he sent me some tracks. I played them out for a few months and when I asked him if he had signed them yet, he told me no, so I had to do something about it.

Do you have more plans to do more releases with him?
Nothing planned yet but who knows? I’d be glad to release more Mr KS. He just signed an EP to Tsuba after the success of his EP on ( djebali ) so I’m really happy for him.
On the ( djebali ) presents label, the main goal for now is to find and push new artists, so I’m always looking forward to discovering great newcomers.

What other tracks and artists are doing it for you at the moment?
There are a lot actually. To name a few, of course Apollonia, then Point G, John Dimas, Tuccillo, The Mole, Jovonn (old tracks of his re-released and new ones too) and so much more.

What are you plans for the rest of the year?
Lots of good stuff to come. More remixes coming on my new project ( djebali ) reworks, a few more releases on my other new project ( djebali ) presents… digging out new talents, and of course more.

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