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Episode 013 – Frank & Tony


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Episode 013 is brought to us by Scissor & Thread’s recording artists extraordinaire, Frank & Tony (aka Francis Harris and Anthony Collins). Scissor & Thread is cut from a different cloth than your average dance imprint. Patterned more like an indie label, their focus is on developing artists and providing them a platform for ambitious ideas that expand beyond the confines of the club without regard for stylistic orthodoxy. The label’s roster is comprised of a tight knit collective of multi-talented composers, producers, vocalists and instrumentalists collaborating in various configurations on a diversity of projects stitched together only by the imprints’ well defined aesthetic. Francis “Frank” Harris perfectly ticks all of those boxes. Equally accomplished as a DJ, producer and composer on the electronica scene, his dark yet moving introspective solo excursions as Adultnapper continually challenge convention, earning him a loyal following amongst elite tastemakers in the dance music underground… Equally diverse and self-motivated, Anthony “Tony” Collins has been described as a rising star on the French house and techno scene, despite being partially raised in NYC. While the man describes his owe DJ style as a mix of deep-house, house, minimal and deep-tech. He’s not the type who puts one hit record on after another, but always blends meticulously chosen tracks with an artistic raison d’être. Together, Frank & Tony promises to take you on a whirlwind night into their self-styled sexy side of house music.




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