Frenchman Anthony Collins sure does get around a bit. When he’s not spinning his tasty house and tech records to people at Sonar or in Leeds, London and Lisbon; for Fuse at Weekend Club, Berlin or alongside the likes of Adultnapper at Cielo, New York, he’s busy crafting away in the studio.  Crafting away on records which find themselves at home on leading imprints like Curle, Culprit and Supernature and veer from low-key and 90s influenced to simmering and sultry but always with true house and tech intentions at their core.

Here the man serves up a timeless selection of lesser spotted records that will surprise as much as entertain.  There are plenty of different surfaces explored over the course of the mix, some which make you dance, some which make you think and some which have you dreaming of the weekend and that next naughty after party… overall it’s the sort of thoughtful selection we are proud to host as the 30th instalment of our AUTOBRENNT podcast series.


Where/when/on what did you record the mix?
In Paris, on both Traktor and Ableton this week; still vibing from Sonar…
What was your aim with it?
When I make a recorded mix I don’t play the obvious hit of the moment, rather I play timeless tracks and try to make a mix that you can still listen to in a couple of years from now.
Does it represent one of your DJ sets?
Some parts for sure – or a definitive afterhours set (which i do love!).
What you working on/got coming up?
Got many collabs on the way with people like Kate Simko, Bruno Pronsato , Daze Maxim and Adultnapper just to name a few…