Directed by Benkoro & Toumani Sangaré
Produced by Jonathan Illel

In March 2012, shortly after a military coup d’état

in the capital of Mali, Bamako,

rebel and terrorist groups in the Islamic Maghreb

take control of the northern part of the country,

after stealing Libyan weapons.

Mali is in the headlines all around the world,

sharia is established in the north.

Finally, in January 2013, a year later,

French, Malian and UN troops

launch a large military operation.

This song is about people being locked in,

separated by walls, seeking for freedom,

these people who cross seas to reach their dreams

or just save their families,

they are the same ones who sort our trash,

these children that see their parents die

and end up alone,

these women in prostitution

that hide their desperation behind their make up.

Often we don’t realize other’s misfortune,

we can be selfish and spoiled,

just because we were born

on the right side of the wall,

but worst of all we don’t question ourselves.

I’m not saying I can make a difference,

but I try to keep my eyes open,

and maybe one day

I’ll do something little that will make a change.

Each of us should have a project

that can make a difference

on the other side of the wall.