Fresh new imports, backstock & 2nd hand records played by Molly & Serge Clone

Clone Monday Stream: week27
1 Jump Source 01
2 Forthcoming M.S.L. on our Dub label!
3 Blotter Trax on Frustrated Funk
4 Sillicon Scally on Cultivated Electronics
5 Sick Various Artists EP on Direct Beat
6 Elecktroids!!!
7 DAVID VUNK on his own Moustache Records
8 Views on Garage Hermetique
9 G. Marcell on Episodes
10 Unknown Mobile on Sobo
11 Luke Vibert on Libertine
12 forthcoming Fabio Monesi on Craigie Knowes
13 E.R.P. / Duplex on Frustrated Funk
14 THE HACKER on Klakson
15 Credit 00 on Uncanny Valley
16 Banging chicago compilation
17 Coral D on Klasse Wrecks
18 Marcus Paulson and Bohm
19 Abdul on tax Free
20 Generation Next on 7 days Ent
21 Redshape on Delsin Records
22 Frak on Hypercolour Records