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Sometimes you just have to wait for the right time to embark on making your dreams come true and this was one of the key factors behind the recent birth of Livio & Roby’s fledgling label, Tier. For years the Romanian godfathers have wanted to curate their own music outlet, but it never felt like the right time until now. Years in the game have informed their current outlook, allowing for a more mature perspective and so, the duo decided to begin injecting their time and energy into making Tier a reality.

The structure of their new platform is split into two key focus areas; 1) The music and 2) DJ performances and events. Showcasing their close friends and electronic music family, Tier’s parties bring together a wealth of talent who all channel their individual journeys into a special night, giving each event a unique and enchanting flavour.

Music-wise, the ethos is the same, enlisting a wide range of artists who uphold similar values to Livio & Roby themselves, pushing a very organic, minimal sound with plenty of depth and groove. The first release features music from Livio & Roby track remixed by Ion Ludwig and Direkt (a Romanian artist), with the second EP continuing this theme with more music from the mystical duo, this time remixed by Priku.

Label showcases have already been creating a stir in their home nation, Romania, with standout shows in Timisoara, Brasov and another at the Guesthouse club in Bucharest. Meanwhile international showcases have brought that supernatural sound to Rex Club in Paris at Rex, Off Week Barcelona and one in London.

Livio & Roby’s commitment to high quality is evident in every aspect of their careers, and will no doubt form the basis of this new venture. Make sure you stay tuned for more from this intriguing new platform from two of the most respected artists in the scene…