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Swiss figure and Lola ED family member Alci proudly presents his brand new label, Seeing Sounds. Conceived in order to give the man himself total control over his release schedule, the label is vinyl-only and focused on a deep, avant-garde style of electronic music that is perfect for the dance floors. Anyone familiar with Alci will know what to expect from Seeing Sounds; something that’s always a little different from the norm.If you don’t know Alci, he’s been involved in the Zurich club scene since he was 17, progressing into Europe wide bookings in a short space of time. Parallel to his DJ career, Alci has always maintained a steady release of music, striking a balance between spinning records and making them. His penchant for vintage gear is matched by his interest in modern technology and his production process merges the two to create contemporary house music with echoes of the past.

The label takes its name from Alci’s uncanny ability to see sounds before he actually creates them. Yep, he really does see sound and it is part of his creative process. The connectivity between light and sound, wavelengths and vibration all happens inside his head and he translates the images in his mind, or those which he sees around him, into music.

This is demonstrated perfectly on the first release from Seeing Sounds, with the ‘Floating’ EP. Inspired by his friend, artist Julia Hauer, whose work he saw in a gallery in Switzerland, Alci used his ability to translate the colours of her work of art into the music found on the debut release.

Hit the play button, put the needle on the record and get ready to start Seeing Sounds…