The foundation of every great movement is rooted in shared beliefs. Partisan, Anthea’s inaugural imprint, embodies this concept by bringing together artists of a similar ethos, bound together by a common desire to enhance the current musical landscape.  Ranging from house to techno and electro, Partisan’s releases move beyond genre barriers-a diminishing trait amongst the highly niche labels of today.

Launching in 2016, Partisan premiered with Oshana’s « Arcadia » release, a warm, minimal-house groover supported by many key industry players.  The release proved to be an instant success, selling out in a matter of weeks.  The momentum continued with a string of vibrant EP’s from label mates Inner, Giammarco Orsini, Kashawar, Fern, Ish, Cobert, Otis, Lapucci, and label boss, Anthea. This eclectic, yet talented group of artists formed from a long-standing relationship with Anthea, who felt deeply connected to their music.  Drawing from this inspiration, she created the Partisan platform to materialize their ideas and share their music with the world.  

Since its inception, Partisan has expanded with a growing list of talent and showcases around the world.  With dates at the notorious Club Der Visionaere in Berlin, Rex Club in Paris, and Resolute in New York City to name a few, the Partisan movement continues to thrive with momentum.  As the Partisan label continues to evolve, its dynamic, intelligent, and floor-minded aesthetic will push it to the forefront of labels for years to come