KISS & TELL #01 With Subb-an

written and produced bY Mademoiselle H


It’s true that over at Lola HQ we have a musical love affair going on with UK talent Subb-an. Ahead of the Silver Network label night at Showcase Paris on 10th Nov, our in-house club-hopper Mademoiselle H caught up with Ash for a quick one-on-one.


Not long now until you’ll be popping over to Paris. Other than Lola’s hot boys and their filthy beats of course, what excites you about the city?

Paris is always a great city to be in, I particularly like it in during the colder months, but I always like to meet up with friends and the food!! You know I generally like to be in Paris because of the architecture and at night it looks so amazing. I watched a documentary on the amount of lighting the city uses at night to make it look as beautiful as it does…it was something ridiculous!!

You collaborated with Jef K on the hit ‘Paris Bebe’. Who wears the trousers in your producing relationship?

Well on this project I made the record and Jef did some vocal work on top, it was more of a fun project of an on-going joke me and Jef were having.

We know you and Jef K enjoy a good after party – are you first to the decks or first to the vodka?

First to the decks whilst ordering tequila ;) No i love to party but first and foremost it’s the music for me. I can go and play and not need the party extras, but sometimes it’s also fun to party, take it or leave it.

We noticed you dropping a bit of francais on Facebook while you were in Montreal. Go on give us your best French phrase…

Thats true, best french phrase has to be “ c’ia compris “ which i think is slang for do you understand?!

Think you mean t’as compris monsieur ash! ;)

Craig Richards will be completing the Jef K/Subb-an ménage a trois on the night, what does Craig bring to the party?

Craig is one of my favourite DJ’s in the world, he has years of musical knowledge and is a really interesting, eccentric person to be around, always a pleasure to play with him and he certainly adds a high level of musicality to a party.