katapult cropped

This Friday Paris will be ELECTRIC. Underground party-throwers Katapult, responsible for some of the most joyous moments Parisian ravers can remember, call in the connoisseurs. As an unusual treat Daniel Bell will be warming  up the floor, followed by Lola ED’s very own Jef K before the main freaky man Ricardo Villalobos!

In a special edition of Close To My Chart, Jef K reminisces about the RJ days and selects a track:

I was lucky enough to get to know Mister Ricardo in the late 90’s when I was a resident at the infamous Robert Johnson club in Frankfurt … Ricardo, Ata and I had some epic 16 hour sessions there that always blew my mind as u can imagine…  Since then we crossed paths many times and I played with him at numerous parties in Germany, Cocoon Ibiza, fabric London etc etc…

Everybody knows the fantastic career of Ricardo, he quickly became a major DJ, if not THE major DJ, not only musically-wise (we all have in mind his amazing dj sets that put the club upside down all over the world), but also as a great human being on this planet. He’s a great guy, a great character and of course one of the best party mates on earth :)

I have to mention that he was also the architect, with Zip, of the success of the track « In My System » that i did with Chez Damier and Chris Carrier under the guise The Gathering in 2010, that became one of the tracks of the year (#7 in 2010 RA chart). I met Ricardo and Zip by coincidence on a plane back from Palma de Mallorca when they were on their way to play for Katapult at the Rex Club Paris. I gave them a CD of the track and they instantly liked it, playing it at Timewarp and fabric in the next few weeks, and all of a sudden everybody wanted it … muchas gracias senor Ricardo !

There are too many good tunes by Ricardo but I chose this remix of Beck cos I’ve played it maybe a million times and it reflects the « deeper » side of Ricardo… what a bomb … « one by one i’ll knock you out, that’s right !! « 

Can’t wait for friday!! – Jef