[INTERVIEW] [EN] La Vie En Rose With Terence :Terry:

publicat la 19 Noiembrie 2013

A romanian music journalist doing an interview in Amsterdam with a cool french DJ and label owner, interview made possible by a very cute english girl that deal with the DJs’ PR stuff? If there were some advantages of this European Union and globalization, I think I’ve just found them :)
Digging deep into different underground scenes from Europe’s biggest cities, we stumbled upon La Vie En Roseand the man behind this small but very influential label: Terence :Terry:


Just before the Lola Ed showcase at Amsterdam Dance Event in Amstelhaven (a superb small restaurant temporarily transformed into a club), we discussed about what it feels like to have an underground house label, from the hard work behind each release to the cool people you meet doing this.


How did you come up with the idea of launching your own label?
I was djing for some years and also producing for Dan Ghenacia’s Freak n Chic. Then I decided it is time to go to London and experience a different scene than the parisian one. Once I returned to Paris I thought it’s time to launch my own label


How would you describe La Vie En Rose sound?
It’s somehow related to my DJing style. I like to play house as well as techno, warmup tracks as well as peak time tunes but mainly underground stuff. Let’s put it this way: can be deep, can be hard yet the releases have to be original and special :)


How do you discover these cool artists you release?
Actually they were following me :) and I think I somehow influenced a few artists a while ago, like Dyed Soundorom, John Dimas, Hanfry Martinez. So their sound matched perfectly my idea of a label so here they are :)


Releases both on vinyl and digital…
Yes, vinyl and digital. Vinyl because I am coming from a generation of DJs that played only vinyl for a long time. We release also digital because it is good for visibility and it’s also creating an income for the artist so he can taste the fruits of his work. So, to sum it up: we are launching first on vinyl and then, after 2 weeks or so, on digital.



Can you make a good living from owning a label?
Maybe but you have to invest and not only on the music part but also on promotion, press, launching parties and so on. Owning a label is not just about music, it’s also about the hard work behind


What’s next on La Vie En Rose?
We’ve launched Boris Horel with a nice Acid Mondays remix. Also, next on La Vie En Rose is Carlos Sanchez, the most talented producer from Canare Islands. This release includes a massive remix from Jovonn, good friends with Kerri Chandler. Hanfry Martinez is coming back on La Vie En Rose later this year with a really good EP that includes a Dan Ghenacia remix. Due to be released is also Acid Mondays with a nice remix from the romanian Funk E and John Dimas will come back pretty soon.


I know you’re constantly digging for good music and cool producers. Is there any romanian producer that had caught your attention lately?
Oh, yes, lots of them. There is Funk E, Marcman, the cool project between Dan Andrei and Raresh, called Raridan, Premiesku, Cristi Cons. Actually all the producers that are around [a:rpia:r] are really cool


Your favourite place for shopping records
Synchrophone in Paris, Phonica in London, decks.de


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