Apollonia Interview [EN] – September 2013

Dan Ghenacia is one of the DJs that shaped the parisian underground scene since the early 90s with his legendary after parties and signature deep sound. He later met Dyed Soundorom and Shonky and yes, it was match at the first audition as all 3 of them share the same passion for house music. This is a brief history of Apollonia, the group with roots deep inside the old house music but with incredible vision about the future of electronic music.

I had the chance of talking to Apollonia just before their extended 6 hours set at Summer Set 2013 – Arenele Romane, Bucharest (nights.ro)


Vibe FM: French guys more into a techier side of house music, coming from a scene where filter house is still kickin. What’s the secret?

Dan Ghenacia: Our music started as a reaction against this mainstream current. When I started DJing back in the 90s, Daft Punk and filter house were really big so when we played our music things weren’t going so well. That’s why we started playing in the afterhours, not because we like playing late but because this music worked excellent in the afterhours. Our music is a reaction at what we don’t want to listen. We prefer eyes closed than hands up on the dancefloor when Apollonia plays, I like to see people are listening to the music instead of going crazy


 ”We prefer eyes closed than hands up on the dancefloor”


Vibe FM: What was your favourite club to play in Paris?

Apollonia: Batofar! At that time they had this amazing sound system (JBL), completely rebuilt and customized to fit that club. This is why our deep house sounded phat, not agressive, round and bassy. Maybe that’s why we so much got into this deepness because we had this place to experiment and it was working perfectly!


Vibe FM: What’s hot in the Paris underground right now, besides Apollonia and the eternal Rex?

Apollonia: There are a lot of good things happenning in the Paris underground right now, like Concrete, for example. Yet, we had some big problems with the authorities as you got to be controlled by the police every time you went to a club. So, as Paris clubbing was dying we had this idea of Technopol, an association to fight for our rights. We did a petition named “Paris Night Dying” and we got our shot of discussing with the local council, explaining that our artists are moving to Berlin and the city has no night life because of these constant police raids. So they understood and now we can dance freely by the river or we can organize outdoor parties



Vibe FM: From your point of view, what are the common things, influences or passions that transformed you in a group with a pretty well defined sound?

Shonky: Dyed and myself were fans of Dan Ghenacia, started to buy some records, started to hang out together…

Dan Ghenacia: For me, I was the only one to play that music and I had finally someone who I can share the music with and then they became really good and decided to do something together :)



Vibe FM: You had quite a few releases, mainly from you guys… What’s the plan with the label?

Apollonia: The idea of the label is to explain who we are… we are releasing new music with new artists like Daze Maxim as well as some repressings of classic tracks that are really important to us like Point G’s Underwater or Calysto’s Need Your Love, a tribute to Dana Kelley that passed away a few months ago. Now we are planning on repressing Kerri Chandler’s Sunday Sunlight but with a very modern Delano Smith remix. This EP is exactly what Apollonia is all about: explain our roots as well as supporting the modern music. This is what we do on stage also


Vibe FM: Talking about tracks that defined the sound of house music, do you feel that the quality of house music produced these days is lower? What do you feel about this huge wave of digital music?

Dan Ghenacia: It’s just something very normal… you can find everything on internet right now… That’s why vinyl is so important to us, it’s actually making a natural selection. I prefer to be on the decks.de chart than on the beatport chart.


Vibe FM: Do you think it’s normal to limit access to good electronic music through vinyl only releases?

Apollonia: You can check online on decks.de, you listen what it’s going to be released on vinyl and then, if you really want it, you can find it somehow on internet. Even before, when vinyl was stronger, there were times when it was difficult to find some records…. nowadays you can wait for the digital release or ask some friend to encode it for you… there is always a way


Vibe FM: Your favourite record shop

Apollonia: Syncrophone in Paris, Spacehall and Hard Wax in Berlin, also buying online from decks.de or discogs.com


Vibe FM: What producer should we watch closely in the near future?

Apollonia: Apollonia, of course (laughs) John Dimas, has this sound that sounds modern yet a bit raw, a nice balance between old skool and nu skool and that’s what we are looking for…