Exclusive: Hold Youth Interview [EN] – october 2013

publicat la 1 Noiembrie 2013

Shitty weather, stuffed and sweaty clubs with horrible soundsystems, huge prices for everyting, EDM news, parties, DJs, merchandise and whatever EDM you can think of all over the place. Amsterdam Dance Event has transformed itself over the years into a money making machine and into a huge connection hub for mainstream dance music.

Yet, if you had the patience of digging through a whopping 450 parties list (in just 5 days, that is), you would discover some very interesting showcases gathered from the most underground corners in Europe. And when Studio K is hosting a really nice selection of french artists like Point G, Molly or Hold Youth, it is really easy to imagine where we danced all night!

So, right before the party, I spend some time chatting about house music, the parisian underground scene and the future of electronic music with Leo and Alex aka Le Loup and Seuil aka Hold Youth, two of the few forward thinking producers in Europe that are still releasing music just for the love of house music.



Vibe FM: So, how did you come up with the name: Hold Youth?
Le Loup: we both had some ideas but I actually found the name as it is actually all about mixing old music with new stuff on our label. So yes, ‘old Youth (H is mute in french :D )

Vibe FM: How did you come up with this collaboration? What was first: the label or the DJ duo?
Le Loup: The DJ collaboration between us is really interesting. In the beginning my style was a bit more housey, kind of a soulful US house music in contrast with Alex (Seuil) who was more into the german minimal stuff. So we though that the connection between these 2 sounds was interesting
Seuil: We met at some party, started to exchange ideas over Skype and we realized that we share the same ideas, passions and feelings for electronic music so we thought “OK, let’s do a label!”. The label idea came as we wanted to support music we don’t see to get released anymore. Think of house and minimal productions between ’99 and 2005, the stuff Zip is playing and we both actually like Zip very much. So we followed this direction and started Hold Youth


Vibe FM: Is there a sound guideline for Hold Youth label? What are the elements you are looking for in a track for it to be released on Hold Youth?
Seuil: The first release we had on Hold Youth was house with some disco influences, rather slow… The album we are working on right now has housy & disco stuff, more clubby stuff, even hip hop. So, as you can see, we are releasing stuff we really enjoy, we don’t necesarily stick to some rules.
Vibe FM: Any of you is more responsible of the A&R part?
Seuil: We are both responsible for it but if any of us is taking a decision alone, the other fully trusts his decision


“We don’t make abstract art and sell it in limited numbers with parts of our skin :) ”

Vibe FM: Vinyl only releases, right? Ever thought of releasing in limited quantities?
Seuil: Yes, only vinyl, we are doing also represses if there is a demand so we don’t press limited editions. We make house music, we want as many people as possible to have access to our music and not at some ridiculous prices on discogs. We don’t make abstract art and sell it in limited numbers with parts of our skin :)


Vibe FM: Tip us on some future releases on Hold Youth
Le LoupThe next EP is a nice project from a mysterious guy, Mr. Georget, a parisian producer for a long time now but with a new name. And then we will have S3A with his second release, different sound from what he did until now, strongly influenced by Theo Parrish, lots of samples, out of space Motorcity touch… we like it a lot.
Seuil: Then we will have the album and a nice repress from Nail – I’ve Been There (old DIY record) and also some really nice and rare stuff from Erico Mantini, an italian guy that is played a lot by Zip or Raresh. Probably the Erico Mantini release will have a Seuil remix and also a feturing with Leo (Le Loup)


Vibe FM: Do you share tasks in the studio or just one you comes with an idea and then you start constructing over it?
Le Loup: We try to work separately at home but we always finish together in the studio. Yet, Alex (Seuil) has the studio and all the nice gear but I have, let’s say, the sample culture! It’s a really nice combination :)
Vibe FM: Best upcoming producer in your opinion
Seuil: for me it’s Renee Audiard, he’s like 18 or 19, I love all his tracks! And also Malin Genie, I like his style because he can make vocal house as well as some weirder stuff… just like me!
Le Loup: Samuel Andre Madsen (S.A.M.), Robin Ordell, Vadim Svoboda, both releasing on Eklo also
Vibe FM: Can you name your favourite track released on Hold Youth?
Le Loup: We love all the tracks but the first Hold Youth release and actually the first track we did together, Paname, holds a special place in my heart
Seuil: S3A – Yuji Ohno is the track I would have loved to produce it myself

Check out Hold Youth’s facebook page or Hold Youth soundcloud account