UGS Talks ‘Lotus Seven’ with Chris Carrier and Hector Moralez

We caught up with Chris and Hector to discuss their ‘Lotus Seven’ album release on Apollonia. Out now on vinyl and digital.

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Since our review of the Lotus Seven album by Chris Carrier and Hector Moralez last month, the feedback on the clips that were gradually released to the public were astounding. From the very first listen, we knew this album would make it to the tops of people’s playlists. The album is in fact Apollonia’s debut album and is now available on vinyl and digital. We caught up with Chris and Hector to discuss the poster that tells the story of the creation of Lotus Seven, their thoughts on the album and what keeps them going.

We have all been intrigued at your poster of the creation of Lotus Seven. We can see tits, ass, smoking, surfing, beaches, some crazy Mexican dude that kinda looks like he’s into you both, car crashes and a whole lot more. What the fuck happened guys?!

H & C: Haha! Well the concept of the poster is an idea and creation of our lives and our friendship, in a comical way to fit the album’s musical theme. Music, smoking, having a good time and enjoying it is part of who we are, and the drawings help the listener understand our concept behind each track…and of course we love tits and ass, but don’t we all?

*See poster at the bottom of this interview.

Do the tracks have some resemblance to the places you visited and the things you experienced whilst creating the album? If so, can you point some out?

H & C: Yes of course the influence of the album was inspired by places we have been to together and things we went through while creating the music. Most of all, our experiences we`ve shared together throughout the years and the history of our friendship is heard in our music from the album… it’s a collaboration of what we`ve done in the past and present, and hope to do in the future.

What were the most complicated elements of the album to get right?

H & C: We just got together every week did what came naturally to us… our goal was to make music we liked and for us to play most of all.

What were your reactions to the news that the album would be released?

H & C: We are very happy with the results and all the positive feedback we`ve received so far. We couldn`t be happier and both feel honoured to be releasing our first album together on Apollonia.

Chris, you’re a seasoned DJ and producer with over 100 tracks in 18 years. Where does Lotus Seven fit in with all of those releases?

Chris: I’ve been working with Hector for 10 years but it wasn’t often we were living close together. But now yes we’re both spending time in Paris, like David Beckham & Mademoiselle H ( ). We had time to make music so an album was just perfect. We both love that kind of bass you feel in your chest and have similar sound influences, and felt ready to produce an LP that was different from the rest.

Hector, you have worked your way from the bottom of the pile to become an inspiring artist for many at the very top of the industry. Tell us, what has kept you going?!

Hector – My love for music has really kept me going throughout the years and the passion I have for it shows. It`s something I`ve always wanted to do as a young man, so I hold it close to me and work hard and continue to stay focused. Making music, playing it & sharing it is part of who I am.. I like inspiring people. I just love music period. it`s a great feeling!

As a pair, do you believe you have a working philosophy? If so, what would you say it is?

H & C: Our working philosophy has always been the same, whenever both of our schedules have an open day or opportunity, we work. It’s pretty simple, we get together early in the afternoon, have a meal together, talk about life and music… personal or business.  We then sometimes have a smoke and listen to other music that we’re into, get inspired and sample the shit we like. Most importantly we work hard.

Your last hit release together was ‘School of Acid’ on Robsoul Recordings. Do you believe Lotus Seven offers something better? And which track do you both personally favor?

H & C: School of Acid was a big record for us and the most recent, leading up to the album.  We think Lotus Seven shows our range and how our connection has grown musically over the past decade or so.

What does this album now represent for you both as artists?

Hector: Everything. We’ve worked so hard to complete it, and everything else leading up to it. It’s a huge moment in my career personally, and one of the best professional moves I’ve made to date. I’m honoured to have my first album made together with Chris, and for it to be released on the label Apollonia.  Everything just feels right. And it’s the perfect fit, if I had to think about it, thinking back to all the labels we had considered. I feel overall like it’s my biggest accomplishment, from living in Europe for the past 2 years.and also it represents my music taste, personality and hard work. All I know is that when Chris and I get in the studio together, we have this connection, and we make some magic happen.

Lotus Seven quite literally brings back the 90s House scene with it’s original San Francisco sound. Where do you put this album in today’s mixed-up genres?

H & C: Well, there are a lot of different elements on the album. From straight up house, to acid, techno, funk, disco, soul, jazz and hip hop influence.  We don’t think you can put it in a specific genre, but we do know if you love real music you’ll love this album. Something for everyone to enjoy is here. It’s just good music to listen to at home, chillin or partying at the club or wherever you are.  It’s designed for DJs and music lovers.

It has been a pleasure to interview the pair of you. Before we go, will we be seeing you in the North of England promoting your album sometime soon? The North would love to see you both perform.

H & C: We sure hope so!  We love playing in the UK, your crowds are like no other and well up for it, for real!!  Our schedule has just started taking form, things are looking bright!  We might make a stop to the North of England, but closest we have for now is our debut Live Show for Europe, which will be in Birmingham at Rainbow on March 28th.  We hope to see all of you mates there!

Chris Carrier & Hector Moralez’s Lotus Seven is out now (vinyl) and 11th March for digital on Apollonia.