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Five sets we hope you didn’t miss at The BPM Festival 2014



Four BPM Festivals later, the 10-day gathering rouses us as if it were our first. For us, it’s become more than just a conference of parties  – it’s a destination for our intimate community to network, revive our love for our favorite artists and get inspired by fresh talent. Together we hit the homey town of Playa del Carmen in Mexico for beats and beaches, babes and booze. With more than 350 artists touching down through 70 events at nine different venues, there was plenty to see.

This year mybeatFix had three correspondents swaggering the streets of Playa, leaving a web of footprints from beach parties to night soirees, and mid-morning afters. Even between the three of us, there was no way of catching it all — but let’s say we did our best. Upon our return, there were a handful of sets that left us glowing. Here we list the five sets we hope you didn’t miss at The BPM Festival.

Written in collaboration by Gaby Izarra, Dylan Parker and Stephanie Fundora

5. Apollonia at the Apollonia Showcase; Fusion Beach Club; Jan. 8
Mother nature kept her temper on Wednesday, giving us a break from the rain and allowing for a day of beachside dancing (sans ponchos) with the Apollonia crew at Fusion Beach Club. Maybe she knew what the Parisian trio had planned for us with their outstanding 5-hour set? Either way we’re not complaining. We dug our feet in the sand and grooved away to the signature tech-house sounds the boys blend together so effortlessly. They pleased the crowd with tracks like Derrick Carter’s remix of Playin 4 The City’s “Ask Me Pt. 2”. Our lovely hosts, Mixmag, recorded the set as part of their DJ in the Lab mix series, and we can’t wait to relive the magic as soon as it’s released.

4. Solomun at Diynamic label showcase; Blue Parrot Jan. 9
The dynamic label showcase made the top slot in our most anticipated events at BPM post, so we’re very pleased that our expectations were met via Dynamics’ top dog, Solomun. All of the acts at Blue Parrot Thursday night played incredible sets, but when Solomun took the decks, the party became completely cohesive. Picking up on all of the vibes played before him, he blended track after track into a sea of grooves for the last two hours of the night. Deep house, tech, acid and even disco made its way into his set, and he weaved them together with an array of memorable vocals that we’ve come to love from Solomun, including his own remix of Foals’ “Late Night” which we ended his set with. To say that he left us “calling out [his] name” for more, would be an understatement.


3. tINI at tINI & The Gang; Fusion Beach Club Jan. 8
From the artist’s perspective, a headlining slot at a BPM Festival showcase presents the ideal opportunity to flaunt mastery, while simultaneously brandishing the full extent of his or her musical scope. For Germany’s female DJ-commodity tINI, it’s safe to note that she’s surpassed these expectations at her very own “tINI and the Gang” fiesta — an offshoot of her celebrated Ibiza series. Arising to the decks in the midst of a picturesque Mexican sunset, the record-slinging wonder woman delivered an elegant blend of dubbed-out techno and house to wow her colleagues and supporters alike. Standing out among other BPM performers, her dexterous set invoked tunes that had us picking our heads for days regarding the discerning tracklist. Fortunately for those who couldn’t bear witness to tINI’s magic behind the mixer, the entire set was recorded via for your listening pleasures. You’re welcome.


2. Three B2B with Konrad Black and Bill Patrick; Mamita’s Beach Club Jan. 9
Our beloved friends over at Listed Productions put on quite a spectacle at their inaugural BPM Festival soiree this year, and to top it all off, they invited an all-star trio of underground talents to headline the affair. Alternating record for record throughout the tail-end of the party, Bill Patrick, Three, and Konrad Black laid down a collaborative DJ set that will surely prevail in the “back-to-back” archives of our fond performance memories. While the three standout musicians have kept close relations for some time now, they’ve never put their abilities nor musical selections against one another — until the Listed Productions party, that is. To our astonishment, their cooperative efforts resulted in a versatile set, reflecting a proper balance of Konrad’s shadowy minimal vibes, Three’s melodic undertones, and Bill’s exotic tech house flavor. A match made in house heaven.

Photo by Doug Van Sant for

Photo by Doug Van Sant for

1. Dixon at the Innervisions Showcase; Blue Venado Jan. 11
A double rainbow — it was a mark of rarity, a sign of divinity. How appropriate for two rainbows to emerge over the Blue Venado just after sunrise during the Innervisions showcase at The BPM Festival. We didn’t think Dixon and his crew could top last year’s BPM showcase. It turns out we were shamefully wrong. After a 20-minute hike through the jungle, dodging puddles en route, we made it to the secluded tiki hut (or tiki mansion might be a better description) that is Blue Venado. The energy of the place was unparalleled throughout our entire trip in Mexico. Every act brought his A-game – Mano Le Tough, the guys of Ame, Dixon, David August. But Innervisions label head Dixon (RA’s Top DJ of 2013 for good reason) gave us a set that made us feel more alive than we had in ages. Teeming with driving percussion and rolling basslines, it was one of those sets that had you reminding friends every five-minutes, “He’s f*cking ripping it!” Here’s a little slice – obviously not enough to quench your thirst, but it’s a start: Dixon dropping a Ricardo Villalobos mix of Depeche Mode’s “The Sinner In Me”.

Double Rainbow