Terence :Terry: – Inspirations

Terence :Terry: - Inspirations

To coincide with the USH produced re-release of Sleaze – Key Of  Love, we asked label head Terence :Terry: to talk to us about his musical inspirations behind the label.

As a teenager I was hanging out at the first raves in Paris, discovering French, Italian or Dutch DJ’s in a large warehouse venue on the outskirts of the city. There, I was hearing American house and techno to the more commercial, trance-lead sounds of European labels like Harthouse, Djax Up, Gyrate, Stealth Records, R&S Records, and Zoom. This mélange of genres really inspired me and it was then I decided I wanted to be behind the decks. So it has come that I have been a DJ/producer since the late 90’s, producing mainly for the much-loved Freak n’Chic, as well as labels like 2020, Robsoul, Highgrade, Low Pitch, Ready Made and Overall.

Around the time of the first Eurostar I was selling records at the Puces of Clignancourt, a famous flee market in Paris. Making trips back and forth to London I started dealing in second-hand, warehouse vinyls that I had found, meeting lots of DJ’s along the way. Always seeking out different sounds, sometimes I would sneak away from my shop in search of jazz, soul, hip-hop and funk records to use as samples or inspiration on my own music. Eventually I moved to London permanently, to immerse myself in another scene and soak up other influences.

It was only upon my return to Paris a few years later that I decided it was time to launch my own label, quite simply to have a platform to develop and release a sound that could encompass a whole range of genres. In a nod to E.Piaf and Grace Jones I called the label La Vie En Rose, which launched in 2011. Already on the third EP, the latest is a re-release, re-work and remix of the 2002 classic ‘Key of Love’ from U S H. – Terence :Terry:

Parliament: We Got The Funk

Maybe one of the bands which has influenced me more than anything. I was buying a lot of black music but when I discovered this, I was really surprised how this guy G. Clinton broke from the normal rules to create something completely new and free. (We also share the same birthday!)

Donald Fagen: New Frontier

Really like this one…for me it’s a funk album, but with lots of white influences. Donald Fagen is the founder of Steely Dan – part of a moment of Californian pop with other artists like Daryl Hall, Christopher
Cross, Michael Mcdonald (toto) etc… a dreamy and sunny period of the 80’s.

Esther Phillips: All the way Down

Pure soul music from the 70’s. Magic voices like Etta James, Marlena Shaw…I fell in love with all of them.

John Carpenter: Escape From New York OST

I’ve been influenced by a lot of soundtracks from the 80’s with their futuristic and modern vision. I also really like soundtrack composers like Lalo Schifrin, Vladimir Cosma, Ennio Morricone.

Model 500: The Chase 

One of my numerous Detroit anthem favourites that I have loved since a young age. Those guys use machines like no one else!

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