My First Time at…fabric

25 JANUARY 2013

Διονύσης, or Denny as we know him, is the newest addition to the MEOKO fa
mily. Only 21 years of age and recently moved to London from his hometown in Greece four months ago, Denny has a neverending passion for all things HOUSE and TECHNO and his enthusiasm is infectious! Having studied sound engineering and music technology in Athens, and working as a radio producer and DJ for Proton Radio, Denny lives and breathes dance music and we love that!

Hence when we discovered Denny hadn’t actually yet been to a club in London, now his new home, we concocted a plan to make his dreams come true. Sending him off into the big wide world of London’s club land (but armed with a bit of VIP access), Denny will be documenting his adventures, as he experiences some of the most iconic locations and nights in the underground music scene.

#1 My first time at…fabric!
fabricPhoto credit – Daddy’s Got Sweets

Date: Saturday February 19th 2013


I’m on my way to fabric for the FIRST time ever in my whole life! Going to fabric is something I’ve been dreaming of for years. That’s because fabric is not just an ordinary club…fabric is a 13-year-old place of worship, providing unforgettable moments to electronic music lovers from all around the globe. If you’re a proper clubber, you probably know that already! Maybe you can even vividly remember the very first time you ever went? If you don’t, maybe you can relive it vicariously through me…

On my journey, advice I had got from friends and fellow DJs who had been before was running through my head:
“Be there on time because the queue is going to be looong!” 
“You’ll probably get lost”
“The sound system is ONE OF A KIND”
“You will LOVE that place!”


When I get in, I head straight to Room 1 to find Luke B & Tim Red performing. They’re playing out Tom Demac’s tune ‘Tanners’, a proper banger with such a phaat bass line that I just HAVE to head straight to the centre of the dance floor. I felt the magic instantly!

The floor was pumping, sending vibrations through my whole body. What a unique feeling that is…and it was going to be like that all night long – un-fucking-believable! fabric’s sound system is crystal clear; their sound engineer has been working there from the first day it opened its doors, so every time your body experiences said vibrations, remember you owe it to him and his amazing team!

I’m going to meet Isis, the co-founder of Toi.Toi Musik, who has conspired with MEOKO to make my experience even greater with a full-blown tour around fabric. I was shown the whole place in detail – from Rooms 1, 2, and 3 to the private area, backstage and the DJ booths!

with isis

In Room 2, Terry Francis was playing some serious techno at 126-128 BPM that was majorly affecting the crowd. Meanwhile in Room 3, Voigtmann was bringing the deep house vibes to the people, making it perfectly clear we didn’t want to miss what was to follow!

It’s time to go backstage! Behind the scenes, I chatted with Mr. C and DVS1, who shared with me their opinions about the dance music scene and how it’s developing in the States right now. “Lot’s of 300 people capacity venues with massive sound systems”…“Great techno festivals and people who really love what they do!” While chatting with Zak (DVS1) and Isis, Zak talked about how ‘techno’ used to be a bad word in the States years ago and how police used to be a “pain in the ass”. But now everything is different, and changing quickly. ”When NY Times will write about underground electronic music, then we’ll be fucked”, Zak said jokingly. (But, seriously now, trying to keep it underground is not an easy job and requires hard work!)

I was star struck again meeting Matt Tolfrey, who told me the amazing story of HIS first ever time at fabric. At the tender age of 21 he was resident DJ at The Bomb in Nottingham where he was lucky enough to play back to back with Craig Richards one night. From there he was invited to play down at fabric by Craig, making him the youngest person to have ever played there. I guess if it’s meant to be…it will just be!

room1After a long time backstage spent excitedly mingling with artists from all over the world, I ventured back into the madness of Room 3 to watch Francis and Anthony Collins in action. Words can’t describe the perfection of these guys’ flow, with tune after tune mixed so effortlessly it was hard for me to even gauge when they were bringing in a new track!

Behind the booth, I met Claus Voigtmann – or “Mr. Toi Toi Musik” – who relayed to me the joys of playing out at fabric. Having played twice in Room 1 and having had Toi Toi showcases in Room 3, he described how with fabric, everything is always perfect and you never have to worry about anything but enjoying your set. I was shocked to see his intense enthusiasm for the place, seeing as he’s probably been there a million times. I think we both agreed that there was a magic about the club; every time is a different experience and every time is equally as great as the time before. Claus insisted that fabric is easily one of the best clubs in the world…and who was I to disagree?

fabric room1 copy

The highlight of already an amazing night, was meeting Judy, the woman responsible for all the great times had at the club having been in charge of fabric’s bookings and promotions from almost the beginning of its existence. She explained to me what the space means to her, and how she feels blessed every single day for having this (pretty epic) responsibility and being part of the fabric family, even though it’s not easy work to do. Judy said January is always especially tough, as it’s not the busiest month of the year for the industry as a whole but that nights like these were made special by the people who come out, even in the snow, and know exactly what they are here for: supporting the artists and the incredible music! From the vibes and the atmosphere, it clearly wasn’t just “another Saturday night” but genuinely meant something to everyone there.

In Room 1 the vibes were still going strong, with a mass of sweaty bodies on the dance floor exuding energy and appreciation. I spent about two whole hours around the booth, having good times and observing Konrad Black smashing up the dance floor. Then Mr. C began his set and his skills with vinyl, which was almost like he had Traktor on sync mode, left me completely speechless.

Popping into Room 2, I witnessed DVS1 whose 133-135 Techno set felt a bit like an aerobics session! Imagine the track ‘Paris Dub 1’ by Paranoid London…but played at 133BPM…and you might get a feel of what the energy was like. DVS1’s style was pure Detroit; heavy kicks, big bass lines and those hihats that make you go nuts (you know?). It continued this way up until the moment he finished, and it was perfect. When 8.30am arrived and the music was supposed to stop, people in Room 1 were crying out for more. Mr. C obliged willingly, playing one more track for the finale and kept the place pumping until the very last second.

All in all, my first time at fabric was a dream come true for me. Not only was I given the VIP treatment from the guys at Toi Toi and the fabric family, but also all three rooms delivered constantly quality music and constant vibes all through the night!

Thank you MEOKO for giving me my first ever London clubbing experience! Where’s next?


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