La Vie En Rose Featured

This week SLR features a young French label run by Terence:Terry: which can already list Hanfry Martinez, Dyed Soundorom and Alex Arnout among its artists. Tune IN! Thursday at 18:00.
Label Name: La Vie En Rose
Year Started: 2011
Address: Paris / Madrid

Label Bio:
Leading a team of young talent, long-standing and well respected DJ/producer of the underground, Terence:Terry: launched his imprint La Vie En Rose in 2011. Aiming to encompass a range of genres, the label name is not only a nod to Terry’s Parisian culture, but also to the later interpreter of the famous song, the experimental and futuristic Grace Jones. Attributes Terry hopes to apply to the LVR project, the experienced music head is releasing the work of the next up-and-coming generation that have looked to him for inspiration.

So far artists include Rafael Murillo feat. dOP singer Jaw, Remi Mazet with the summer-filled sounds of ‘Le Kiff’ EP, as well as the Canary Islands own Hanfry Martinez. Meanwhile, affirming the quality of the young producers, remixes have come in shape of more established artists like Dyed Soundorom, Alexkid and Boris Horel, plus Hold Youth (Seuil & Le Loup) with their upbeat version of the classic ‘Key Of Love’. Next up for LVR is the first LP addition to the catalogue from the intriguing John Dimas. Turning industry and underground heads for all the right reasons over the past couple of years, 2013 sees the release of his debut LP Living Lies.

Always enjoying behind the decks as much as in the studio, Terence:Terry: regularly showcases the LVR crew with release parties at Nouveau Casino, Paris and at his residency Avant Garde, Madrid.

Label Artists:
John Dimas, Hanfry Martinez, Dyed Soundorom, Boris Horel, Rafael Murillo, Alex kid, Terence :Terry: , Remi Mazet, Vincent Vidal, Carlos Sanchez, Javier Carballo, Alex Arnout

Highlighted Tracks:
“Pain” – John Dimas Edit
”Sunday Gathering” – Terence :Terry: & Hanfry Martinez (Dyed Soundorom Remix)

Future Releases:
Living Lies LP – John Dimas
After a string of well received releases on labels such as Dame Music and One Records, Greek native John Dimas has garnered a strong reputation and is most definitely regarded as one-to-watch for 2013. With 6 cuts of up front house music, Living Lies is the hotly anticipated debut LP for both label and artist.

Label Focus will air Thursday December 20th at 18:00, repeating Friday at 12:00, and Saturday at 11:00.