Seuil Featured

This week we feature French producer and the man behind Eklo and Hold Youth labels Seuil including an interview and an exclusive mix. Tune IN! Tuesday at 18:00.



Hi Alexis. How has 2013 been treating you so far?

Crazy start with lots of projects in the pipeline! Since I released ‘Back To The Raw’ on my label Eklo last summer, I decided to make it a vinyl-only imprint (as I do with my other label Hold Youth) to support the medium as much as we can. Since then we’ve pushed forward with 4 great releases on Eklo, featuring artists Robin Ordell, Ben Vedren, Ion Ludwig, Vadim Svodoba and an LP from Le Loup.
We have also been working on Eklo 025 out soon – a remixes package of Le Loup’s ‘For My Homie’ LP, with Reworks from Daze Maxim, G. Marcell and Vadim Svoboda.

You have been running your label Eklo for 6 years now but you also co-own Hold Youth alongside Le Loup. How would you describe the signature sounds and the concepts behind the labels?

Yes Eklo started in 2007 as my solo project to release the music I love. Then it was great to start Hold Youth with Le Loup in 2011, he gave a new breath artistically and sharing music ideas with him helped me to develop ideas on my side. Eklo is more minimal/micro house, modern, mental, while HY is more UK/US house with an old school influence. But there is a connection between Eklo and HY and the style of the sets I play mixes all those kind of grooves together. Hold Youth 007 is out now from Le Loup and myself. We took a side of the vinyl each and gave two of our individual tracks to make a hybrid EP, again a link between the two of us and the two imprints.


The new Eklo release is by Vadim Svoboda, who is the newest addition to the label. Can you tell us a bit more about him and how he fits in with the rest of the crew?

Vadim is a close friend and a very talented artist who used to work for years on the same machines, without using any computers. He is a real live act, a performance without a safety net, really accurate on what he’s doing. His music fits perfectly with what the label is aiming for; minimal grooves, warm and weird. I think after his stay in Berlin for couple of months he really found where he wanted to go with his sound and now it’s just amazing. I want to do some Eklo showcases (following on from the residency parties we have in Paris) presenting his beautiful, real live set. Actually having him around has motivated me to get back to playing live again and we have started to work on a new live set together. So for sure he is a big addition to the label, as well as Robin Ordell and soon Cristi Cons.
In fact there is an Eklo team EP in the works – two tracks on each side, one worked with Vadim Svoboda, the other side worked in collab with Robin Ordell & Le Loup. Then later this year expect a collab with Professor Inc.

You will be returning to Club Der Visionäre in Berlin this Sunday the 21st of April with your fellow Frenchman Dyed Soudorom and DeWalta. What is your connection to the club and what can we expect at the party?

Yes, i’m so happy to play there again. Thx to Luc Rigensein for inviting me, I played a couple of times for Sammy Dee before and met all the team from Gregor, David to all the great crew who are working there. They really welcomed me as family, so every time I go back, it’ a bit like going back to Reunion Island in Indian Ocean where I come from :) You can expect a long set, and probably a b2b with my man Dyed Soundorom as we have been hoping to play there together for a while.

And lastly, having visited Berlin multiple times before, do you have your favourite spots to chill out when not letting loose?

I love to go record shopping at Spacehall as my friend Jan Krueger is working there now, it will be amazing to dig out records there with him. Schneider Buro is a great place too ;) I’m a big fan of gear in general, modular synths in particular, and there is no place in Paris where we can share ideas or even see any modular systems. And of course enjoying time to see my friends who live in Berlin ;)


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