Monday, 31 December 2012 11:53

Anthony Collins Featured

Written by  Eliza

The man behind Scissor & Thread and Natural History labels Anthony Collins, featured this week on SLR including a brand new mix. Tune IN! Tuesday at 18:00.

You have founded your label Scissor & Thread alongside Adultnapper back in 2011 and shortly after you’ve announced opening of its sub label Natural History. What are the ideas between the two labels?

Scissor & Thread is the main imprint and sound-wise it is somewhere between indie, electronic, electronica…. On every release we spend a lot of time on the artwork and the musical content. As for Natural History, it is more of an outlet for club friendly music, more upfront house tracks .
With the labels being based in Brooklyn, would you see yourself moving from France back to New York were you grew up?

Actually I go every 2 months to New York to work on the label and tour in the USA, but I am planning on moving definitely back to Brooklyn next October :) as I am setting up a studio there with Francis Harris. Very excited to be back in the hood soon!

Your touring schedule is quite intense with you playing all around the globe. Which gigs from the last year were your most memorable ones?

I had a lot of amazing gigs… but off the top of my head i would mention : scissor & thread showcase at the Marcy Hotel NY, Scissor & thread showcase at BPM festival Mexico, Lola ED showcase at Sonar Barcelona …and all my gigs at DC10 Circoloco Ibiza…the list could go on and on actually
In private do you mainly listen to house and techno or do you find any other genres inspire you also?

In private I listen to mainly indie stuff : The Smiths, Joy Divison, The Cure. Or more modern stuff like The XX, Four Tet, Metronomy ect…
In the past you have released on an impressive number of various labels. Can we expect any new EPs coming from you soon and if so would you still see yourself releasing outside of your labels?

Actually I will only release music with my labels for now – Scissor & Thread and Natural History. I have a few EP’s lined up under my frank & tony outfit (francis harris & myself) + a new EP on Natural History (release 02). I also started a new indie band with black light smoke, we will be releasing an EP on S&T in 2013 and there’s also a solo album in the works !!! So quite a lot of exciting new stuff to come!

Artist Of The Week: Anthony Collins will air Tuesday January 1st at 18:00, repeating Wednesday at 12:00 and Saturday at 10:00.