Producer’s Producer: Le Loup

Leonard Perret aka Le Loup may still only be in his early 20s but there is plenty to prove he’s a frontrunner in the current crop of young Parisian talent currently sweeping the globe. With his warm, funk inspired, groove-led productions with shades of Detroit techno and jazz plus his love of hip-hop and years exploring all facets of house music during his degree in sound engineering, it’s no surprise he was a natural fit for Wolf + Lamb, releasing his first record on the imprint age 21. The ‘See Line’ EP quickly became a massive success for the young artist, paving the way for a number of exciting projects and collaborations, namely his union of musical forces on a couple of tracks with the unstoppable Soul Clap (Le Clap) and the launch of a new label Hold Youth with close friend Seuil.

Le Loup is certainly not a single-minded artist and this is further displayed in his additional projects as Childhood 87 or his collaboration with Clement Meyer to become part of Get The Curse Music. As Le Loup he has delivered productions or remixes from various label heavyweights including Life and death, Air Drop or Esperanza with a forthcoming EP soon to drop on Eklo. His soul-melting yet playful house sound has garnered support along the way from Seth Troxler, Damian Lazarus, Matthew Dear and Jay Haze among others.

As an increasingly prolific DJ, Le Loup has rocked parties around the globe, snapped up by major underground institutions such as The Wolf + Lamb Marcy Hotel, Dimuschi in Paris, Club De Visionaere in Berlin, DC10 in Ibiza, Louche in Leeds and Half baked in London where he now a resident. Perfect for our Producer’s Producer feature then! And here it is…

Choosing my favourite producer of all time is not an easy thing to do, but if I had to say one I would mention Daniel Bell. I discovered his music about eight years ago under his other alias DBX. I was intrigued by this kind of purist techno made up of very few elements, and it was the effectiveness of its simplicity that caught me.

He managed to achieve a heavy, powerful sound using the 909, and exploit the swing of the machine like nobody else. I later discovered his more housey productions, and it’s this style of music which has massively influenced the music I make today. He manages to combine perfectly the old skool house using the more modern machines. For me, all his tracks are timeless, you can really recognise his style, always hypnotic… sometimes weird with bleeps and blips. And he is one of the first to have done this in techno!

So here are two of my favourite Daniel Bell tracks; the first is a mix of melancholic pads and metallic clinks, with a simple but effective house beat… once again timeless!

The second track is more dancefloor orientated. You can lose yourself in a hypnotic moment, as only he knows how.

Pap’House EP – Seuil & Le Loup is out on Hold Youth from 25th April, vinyl-only. For more info visit Soundcloud or Facebook!