One to watch: John Dimas

John Dimas

Earlier this summer John Dimas released his latest EP,Rhythm Trap on One Records, which featured remixes from both Guti and Adam Shelton. Here we catch up with the rising star on his musical inspirations and future plans.


Who are your biggest musical inspirations?

There are a lot, it’s hard to choose a few and name them, but let’s say I’m inspired by the Chicago House sound, San Francisco West Coast sound, Parisian sound and the early 00’s UK sound.

Is Djing something that you have always been passionate about? And how did you become a recognised artist?

Yes I love DJing, I can play for hours. I think getting recognised comes from the support around my productions in a scene where there are a lot of up and coming artists.

You released your debut LP ‘Living Lies’ on La Vie En Rose in February this year, how was it received?

Well the LP helped me a lot, it opened many new doors in the music circle for me and luckily it got lots of support from big and respected DJ’s out there.

How does it feel to be recognised as an artist? 

Knowing that lot of DJs and artists I really respect support your music, it makes me very happy, in the end it’s all about music !

You’ve released your Rhythm Trap EP back in July; tell us a bit about the two tracks…

I wanted to make ’Rhythm Trap’ a real trap so, when you listen you get trapped in to the hypnotic rhythm after the break, that’s where the name came from. And ‘Let it go’ is one of my favourite tracks that I’ve made lately. My friend George (Jose) speaks on it so making it was really fun; we were drunk in my studio!

What inspired you to create the EP?

Lots of different things from my musical background, plus inspirations from other artists and DJs that I’ve discovered over the years !

How would you describe your style/sound?

I would say House & Techno.

Is there a story or message behind the EP?

Yes there is! I really love to have tools for my DJ sets and I’m a big fan of vinyl, which come with locked grooves included. So for this EP I added 4 locked grooves.

The EP features remixes by Guti and Adam Shelton, why did you chose to work with these guys?

I really like both artists and they each delivered something special. Guti’s remix is hypnotic and a taste of the after-hours, while Adam’s rework is really Chicago orientated; a great job from both!

What’s next for you?

I have few originals and remixes coming out soon with Illusion Recordings, Roots for Bloom, Rogue Society, One Records and La Vie En Rose. More details coming soon!

Any collaborations that you can tell us about?

Right now I’m focusing on my own productions more than the collaborations. Although, there is one coming, but you’ll have to wait till next year!

If you could do a b2b set with any DJ who would it be and why?

With Craig Richards because he has the best tunes!