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TOTD // 09/11 // Shadow Play (Le Loup & Pura)

Part of the All Ears campaign takeover

Published: November 9, 2017, words by John Carter

Shadow Play, the novel label founded by Le Loup and his partner Pura, is a home for Le Loup’s latest productions and an outlet for a new chapter in their music careers. The duo started the vinyl-only label following a casual chat about music and the scene when Pura planted the seed by bringing to light Le Loup, besides all his achievements, hadn’t actually started a label. “We just want to make something we love and express ourselves in the most sincere way we can.” Le Loup stated for Deep House Amsterdam in October.

Interestingly, Le Loup & Pura have quite different tastes which they wanted to express through Shadow Play. One thing they can both agree on, however, is they like new styles that have no particular classification. The duo, partners in both personal life and Shadow Play, are an excellent pairing for this creative outlet. Le Loup being a highly acclaimed Parisian DJ & producer, and Pura not being involved in artistry however an avid electronic music fan with a keen ear, they come at the label from two unique angles which informs the styles to great effect.

Shadow Play’s main inspiration comes from jazz, with the label name actually an ode to LA Express’s Shadow Play LP, one of Le Loup’s prized possessions. However, Shadow Play has deep roots in Detroit house/techno and IDM. This amalgamation makes a unique, grooving style with depth and maturity, evident across their three releases so far. It’s this unique style coupled with already idiosyncratic artwork (inspired by abstract jazz artwork of the past) that is building the label’s identity – something the duo rightly deems important for the survival of a label today.

Having both been involved in the scene for a long while, the duo are keen advocates for hearing protection. Pura actually has hyperacusis, a hearing disorder which gives you high sensitivity to certain frequencies, which can make listening to music a debilitating experience. Here, Pura has selected four pieces of music that help to sooth her ears in times of stress and tiredness in support of our All Ears campaign.

Make sure to check out Shadow Play’s music over on Soundcloud and keep up to date with the label and Le Loup on Instagram.